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  1. MastuhWaffles

    Taillights have different bulb connector housings?

    So a while back my passenger side taillight wouldnt blink anymore so I replaced the bulb with the Sylvannia 3156 as the manual states.... Recently the driver side went out to, being I had spare bulbs I tried to fit the 3156 and the little plastic piece was too big. So going to the autoparts...
  2. MastuhWaffles

    My truck got broken into

    So after 10 years someone broke into my truck yesterday, they punched open the outside lock with a screwdriver, then proceeded to try and mess with the ignition to steal the truck. Luckily the failed on stealing it however they took some random items...Nothing of value. For about 150 bucks I got...
  3. MastuhWaffles

    Woah...Update time?

    Has it been 8 years on here already? Jesus, I'm an old man now. Anyways I figured I'd post a random update. So starting with my truck, well officially I have been driving it for 10 years now. And the truck itself is 14 years old. She still gets me to work everyday and back, soon to be at...
  4. MastuhWaffles

    Biggest Tire Size

    Im looking to stuff some 285/75/16 tires under my truck, currently I have 265/70/16s on it now. It has the torsion lift, any idea on if they would fit or not? I'd like to plop on some tires before I do fiberglass fenders. I think they may rub but I do have some small 1 inch offroad spacers if...
  5. MastuhWaffles


    Well I'm still alive and kicking. Ranger is doing well with 112,000 miles on it now. Im still flying and instructing and I just signed onto the airlines which I start next year. Im getting ready to throw some upgrades at my Ranger here soon so Ill be around asking a few things.
  6. MastuhWaffles

    2021 Bronco Using Ranger Parts

    Apparently there was a tire company that leaked the new bronco's engine, which is going to be the 2.3L turbo in the Ranger. I'm curious if Ford is going to repeat itself and use a shared chassis for the Bronco and Ranger, which would be neat for parts maybe 20 years in the future if they produce...
  7. MastuhWaffles

    Steering Upgrades

    I think my steering is getting a bit beat up. After 100,000 miles of rough roads there is getting to be a lot of play. Is there any upgrades or anything I should look to change out in my steering system that would be worthwhile at this time?
  8. MastuhWaffles

    2019 Ranger

    So being now that I actually will have a job in a couple of weeks, and with my truck about to hit 100k I've been looking at the new Ranger. I have to say, I am disappointed. I was hoping they'd bring back my color Screaming Yellow, but really all they have are silver, white, grey, black and...
  9. MastuhWaffles

    No Power

    Today I got back from class and parked my truck, later this evening I had gone out to go get something to eat, only to find that my truck has no power. First I noticed the remote didn't work, I thought it was a dead battery in the key fob so I unlocked my truck, jumped in and as I turned the...
  10. MastuhWaffles

    Explorer 5.0L Swap

    So I'm wanting to do that engine swap into my Ranger, and as I have read throughout the article I still have some questions. First off, its going in my 2007 2WD Sport, so is that even viable? Or will it only work with the 4x4? Secondly will it bolt up to my transmission? Or will I need an...
  11. MastuhWaffles

    Thermostat Housing V2

    So awhile ago I made a post about my thermostat housing and thermostat essentially kicking the bucket. Well after replacing it I haven't had any issues until last Sunday. The cheap plastic new one split at the seams where the two halves are molded together and started leaking coolant. Luckily...
  12. MastuhWaffles

    Dream Plane

    As some of you know I recently got my pilots license, well so far my planes been grounded getting IFR certified and some things are being worked on. (I get to be the test pilot again.) But recently my grandpa picked up a new plane. Now I've gotten to privilege to fly some cool planes, A...
  13. MastuhWaffles

    Airbag Recall

    So I remembered I had a letter stating that my 07 Ranger had an airbag recall, and at the time Ford said they didn't have the parts to do the recall yet. However upon a call not that long ago they still don't have anything. It's probably been about a year or maybe even more since I got that...
  14. MastuhWaffles

    Water Pump

    Well after 9 years today the water pump gave out on my truck, I saw the temperature shoot up and the red light come on so I pulled over and shut off my truck. Well I'm going to replace it tomorrow, is there anything I should know about replacing it or is it fairly straight forward?
  15. MastuhWaffles

    Reviving The 835B

    So about 3 years ago I got my Duratrax 835B Nitro RC, well after a bunch of parts breaking I stuffed it in the shed for 3 years. Well today I found it and decided to bring it back to life. First thing I got the engine off, the pullstart needs to be replaced and it should be here the 20th. Next...
  16. MastuhWaffles

    I got a plane

    So I've been working towards getting my pilots license and now I'm finally able to really get into it. Most of the time I have been flying slow Bi-Planes from the front seat and not having brakes or the instruments. But now I have a plane to finish my training on. It's a 1976 Cessna 150M that's...
  17. MastuhWaffles

    7.5x55 Swiss Reloading

    Well I finally got around to get a Swiss 1911 Carbine, and while I have brass ammo on it's way I want to reload it. Reloading date is kind of difficult to find in a simple concise form, and was curious if anyone had any data on it. Keep in mine my rifle is from 1916 and being 99 years old I...
  18. MastuhWaffles

    New PC

    After 4 years the life of my poor gaming laptop has come to an end. It's dying and pretty much is outdated. So, I decided to build my dream pc. It's not a monster but its got some serious power. It's not quite done but here's some specifications on it. 760T Black Case MSI Z97A Gaming 7 i7-4790k...
  19. MastuhWaffles

    Passenger Fuse Panel Cover

    So a problem with the passenger fuse panel cover is it pops off all the time, and finally today it fell out of my truck and I could never find it. Now I need to get one and I can't seem to find one, it also needs to be the grey interior color. Any suggestions?
  20. MastuhWaffles

    Are Brake Hardlines Getting Cheaper?

    When I did my explorer axle swap I had to re do the brake lines since they were either to long or short. I got lines from the rack at Oriellys and tried to put them on my truck after bending them. Well they would leak like crazy from the block on top of the axle. And this continued, the lines...

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