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  1. bcost882

    Sold the truck, now in the land of midget vehicles......

    Well, i havent been on in awhile, the whole korea and moving thing gets in the way haha. I ended up selling Red Ranger to my wifes dad. Live in lakenheath england now and get to downgrade to a fiesta ugh. Looks like im going to register my raptor 350 as a second vehicle though :icon_hornsup...
  2. bcost882


    it might not be a narrow version. supposedly it comes in 2 widths 63" and 67" WMS to WMS. so it might be just the smaller of the 2. otherwise measure it and if it is narrower.......bummer
  3. bcost882

    No more NJ mech inspect!!!!!and gear ?'s

    I just found out that NJ will no longer be doing mechanical inspections for vehicles other than commercial vehicles. Some people say it will be more dangerous but what can you do it will be no more dangerous than what it usually is haha. I also just found a 2.5in Fabtech for my truck for 130...
  4. bcost882

    Anywhere to ride in NJ or close to it?

    So i just moved all my stuff back to NJ and brought my quad back too. It seems that it might have been a waste to bring it though cause there is no where to ride it seems unless you know someone or just do it illegally. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could take it to ride in NJ or...
  5. bcost882

    Tired of the valve rattle/probable detonation

    Well as it states im tired of my truck rattling pretty bad on acceleration. I filled up will midgrade to see if that would help. just wondering if i need to go to premium. run some cleaner through or what to look at first. I just dont remember it being this bad last summer. It doesnt run rough...
  6. bcost882

    Am I retarded or are these axles this strong???????

    So I was reading a copy of Petersens 4 wheel and offroad today and I was looking at readers rides and browsing the articles. There was a readers ride where he had a wrangler with a D30 front and D44 rear with lockers and..........37x13.5 toyo muds...... I don't know about everyone else but that...
  7. bcost882

    Explorer discs on an explorer drum axle??

    So I have been searching around and I cant find a straight answer. I read somewhere about the discs from an explorer axle being a bolt on swap to a explorer drum axle. You would need p-brake, rotors, backing plate, calipers, pads and everything else. I got a drum axle cause every other axle got...
  8. bcost882

    7/7 dropped ranger?

    hey SVT your back tire looks a bit flat haha
  9. bcost882

    RAWR!! WTF is this??

    This is gnarly I wanna hit some stuff just to see what would happen. ultimate bull bar [/IMG]
  10. bcost882

    overheats when I turn it off then on

    well see a bigger radiator wouldn't help cause no matter wut the engine stops the flow of coolant when you turn off the engine because of the engine driven driven water pump so think of it as the coolant stopping in its path and just soaking in the heat of the engine. i've never seen it before...
  11. bcost882

    Has anybody crapped their pants when......

    I was thinkin about when i was comin back from SERE training and the instructor said "oh we can go faster now" after a certain bump in a dirt road. so we start bombing along at 35-40 MPH in a chevy(i know, military truck wut can i say) 2500 crew cab 4x4. so we are bumping along until he sees a...
  12. bcost882

    timing chain ?

    So I have been doing some maintenance lately and was wondering if i should replace my timing chain or not. I have a 2000 3.0L with 106,000 miles on it. And if it doesn't what milage should i look into it. Thanks.
  13. bcost882

    bouncy oil pressure?

    well i started my truck up after work today and the oil pressure took a sec to pop up. then after it did it popped down after about 2 seconds then popped back to the middle then had a couple minutes of retard where it was twitching from just below the middle to just above the middle. I've had...
  14. bcost882

    apex fun and pic whoring

    Here is my quad and the truck, and before i begin i officially hate sand. i wanna go back to the east coast Havin some truck fun haha! ha that sweet sploder 8.8 swap! i backed into a pole in my shop's parking lot, and yes my bedside is f-up
  15. bcost882

    yet another person wasting time on a D30

    it shouldn't be for what is cheap cause that would be just keeping with your current set-up. it should be what is right for you. there are problems with leafs too when building a solid axle. like wheather to put the shackles on the front or back, how far back or forward the axle should go. you...
  16. bcost882

    The good, the bad, and the sweetness.

    I figured i would put together all the pics i found into a thread soooo from stock to not about 2yrs or so in the making. Stock hotness woot woot. almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere and i body slammed it from goin too fast over whoops.....nice Me and my friends subaru My truck...
  17. bcost882

    ford 9"

  18. bcost882

    Keep tires from dryrotting?

    So i have been looking around for ways to keep my other tires from dryrotting due to not being used. I understand that tires are supposed to be driven on and it will slow down the dryrotting process. I'm also not looking to spend a fortune on some space age goo. so if you have a good way have at...
  19. bcost882

    explorer leafs, a stuck bolt, and an angle grinder.....

    I've been trying to get these leafs in the truck for months now. but there was a bolt on drivers side forward that had rust welded to the bushing sleeve. soooo got me an angle grinder and had fun slingin sparks today:headbang:. I swpped from 2leaf with overload rangers to 3 leaf with overload...
  20. bcost882

    2011 ranger *rant*

    I decided to go to the ford website and build a ranger.... i wanted to see wuts up. i was disgusted at the amount of stuff available on the ranger. xl, xlt, and sport......ok welll maybe it will get better......priced a sport ....ummmm 3.55s, 3.73s and 4.10s........all non limited slips. I think...

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