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  1. nitrofan1

    Value on interior pieces

    Just wanted to see opinions on this. I posted here because I would get unbiased responses. I have a chance to get the OE seat covers and heaters for my 00 Forester. They are leather low backs in great shape and the heaters should work better than my current ones. My driver's cover has 2 wear...
  2. nitrofan1

    Merry Christmas!

    To everyone on TRS I hope this Christmas is special to you and your families. With all the sorrow in the world take this time to know how special family and friends can be. And hopefully Santa was good to Your RBV!! Merry Christmas to all! Mike
  3. nitrofan1

    Anyone in the Flint, MI area?

    Hey all! Gonna be up there Thursday the 14th thru Tuesday the 19th of June. Would like to meet some Northern RBV'ers if possible even for a few minutes and check out a rig. Thanks! Nitro
  4. nitrofan1

    Ranger #1

    We all saw the last Ranger off the assembly line last year. Has anyone tried to find the very first Ford Ranger Truck ever built? I think it would be interesting to see it and what ever became of it. I Googled it but no luck.
  5. nitrofan1

    Front Coilovers 93 Ranger 4x4

    So I've failed to find any info here and the net. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks for replies!
  6. nitrofan1

    93 Ranger, R134a, Clutch Always Engaged

    Someone suggested a new thread on this. My 93 has this issue. It started last August. When the truck is started until it's shut off the compressor clutch is engaged and it's cooling. The compressor assy puked it's guts last month. Wed morning I had a new compressor assy, accumulator, orifice...
  7. nitrofan1

    Um, DROOL........

    Yummy Unimog Goodness! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Unimog-406-Mercedes-Rock-Crawler-Military-Truck-/190667285695?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2c64a7e4bf
  8. nitrofan1

    Oh Dear God......

    What has been seen cannot be unseen!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! http://www.cars-on-line.com/24808.html
  9. nitrofan1

    Tube Bumper Material

    Where is a good place to look for tubes to make a bumper? I know vehicles but not tubing. I may have someone to make it but would like to have an idea of material cost first. Thanks for any replies! :icon_welder:
  10. nitrofan1

    Get out yer checkbooks!

    A very sweet rig is up for auction! http://www.autoblog.com/2012/01/15/2001-ford-f-150-lightning-rod-concept-up-for-grabs-at-rm-auction/
  11. nitrofan1

    5 speed auto into a 93

    Has anyone done this mod? Taking a 5R55E or other 5 speed automatic and running it in an OBD I system? I have herd you can get aftermarket controllers to take the place of the OE computers. What does it take to run this the way I'm looking at? My A4LD is fine, just looking at different...
  12. nitrofan1

    Afghan Ranger

    Hey all! This Ranger was used by a friend of mine who just got back from Afghanistan. This was a rental he used from March thru October. He originally got an Isuzu diesel but it puked it's guts less than a week into the rental. He said it was a pig power wise but would go anywhere he pointed it...
  13. nitrofan1

    Oil Change Special!

    Oct 27th to Nov 30th 5 qts Motorcraft blend oil & motorcraft oil filter $19.99 at Advance Auto Parts. It's few and far between that I see any store much less mine do a deal on Motorcraft! :yahoo:
  14. nitrofan1

    Thank You General Motors!!!!

    Thought I'd never say that but....... http://www.autoblog.com/2011/10/10/chevy-confirms-global-colorado-pickup-for-u-s/ Maybe this will get someone's notice in Dearborn.
  15. nitrofan1

    Bed Armor Coating

    Well I decided to take the plunge and try doing it myself. Bought 2 cans from my store (by the way they are on sale $9.99) and figured I could only screw it up once. lol Read the directions, washed, scuffed and used denatured alcohol (it says to use wax and grease remover but this stuff cleans...
  16. nitrofan1

    Bronco II rated worst 4x4 of all time

    The latest issue of Offroad magazine says that the 3 worst 4x4's of all time are: #3 Suzuki Samari #2 Jeep CJ 5 #1 Ford Bronco II Check out the November issue when it hits book stores. I got mine in the mail today.
  17. nitrofan1

    Steering Wheel Adaptors

    Just got a killer deal on a new wheel for the 94 that will go great with the interior. The wheel requires a 6 bolt adapter to fit it to the column. I know about Grant's adapters but they are 5 bolt ones. I'm looking for a 6 bolt unit that won't cost an arm & a leg and be so long that it affects...
  18. nitrofan1

    Explorer Center Console Install

    I know this has been asked before but can't find a reference. I looked at the tech section and it has great info but since my 94 Splash didn't come with a center console I was wondering how you guys have mounted it to the floor? I'm thinking sheet metal screws. Is there enough clearance on the...
  19. nitrofan1

    Why the MPG disparity?

    OK I'm reading a post tonight about if a fellow member should get a Ranger or a Ram or an F-series. Responders came back with good feedback then added MPG figures in the mix. So here is what I would like to know. I want feedback on my 2 babies VS yours. Real figures on what you get and why (if...
  20. nitrofan1

    Best place & price on Spicer U-Joints

    As the header states where is the best place to get Spicer U Joints? I read up on the 5-785X and would like to get them. Any replies helpful! :icon_thumby:

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