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  1. NEW TO ME 2001 Ranger XLT Suspension Questions

    I'd be willing to bet the lower ball joints are the squeekers. If they have no zerks, they are likely original. I got a lot nicer ride on my old 2000 2.5 2wd by replacing the shocks and going with a wider/shorter tire set. I went with 235/65-16 and ditched the 225/75-15s (I think). It really...
  2. 3.0 4wd tire sizes / performance

    My 2000 3.0 4wd MO5D came with 245/75-16 tires and 4.10 gears. It rode jouncy and gave average performance. Years ago, I put a set of Explorer take-offs (Craigslist) Dueler AT Revos, 235/75-15. They woke that truck up nicely, with better take-offs and 5th gear was more responsive. I had to...
  3. 07' b2300 engine in 02' 2.3 ranger, compatible?

    They are the same engine, but there may be some differences through that many model years. Use what came on the old engine if you find any differences.
  4. 02 2.3L bucking studding, and backfiring

    Most auto parts stores will test your alternator for free, while it is still installed. I'd start there, just to rule it out. While you are there, pick up a fuel filter and replace that.
  5. inner fender well..

    http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116658 I've seen a lot of old vinyl floor mats as gap guards. Unless you are referring to the actual inner fender liners. There are parts mounted to those. Junkyard! (I have a set of those from a 90, but won't ship them).
  6. Fuel Level... HELP!

    22 ohms for Empty 145 for Full That's from 2000, don't know if it changed by 03.
  7. P1432 code please help

    I'm gonna guess wiring issue that gets aggravated by romping on it. Try wiggling the wiring to that circuit, along with the other major engine harnesses that could flex with engine torque. Look for a loose fuse too.
  8. P1432 code please help

    It means you have gone through enough drive cycles without the problem occurring to convince the PCM to turn the CEL off.
  9. Manual Transmission won't go into gear

    I got a 93 really cheap with that symptom. Its transmission was virtually dry/empty and the excess heat (I presume) made the slave quit working after about a mile. I put a replacement trans with a new slave in it. Yours might just be a bad slave (or less commonly, the Master) but you should...
  10. 2000 to 2001 2.5 swap

    I strongly suspect they are EXACTLY the same. Mid-year 01 s when they started putting in the 2.3 Duratech, if I'm not mistaken. If you do find anything different, use your old engine parts/wiring. If nothing else, take a bunch of photos of the 01 and compare them to yours. I seriously doubt...
  11. 2002 vacuum line

    Large diameter tube? Could be PCV.
  12. 2002 vacuum line

    If it urns out to be an EGR DPFE tube, they are high temperature silicone, not just any tubing will do for replacing that. You're really going to have to track down its end and be more specific.
  13. what is need to do for flipping the shackles?

  14. not your normal speedometer problem

    Pull your dash apart, look at it, get numbers off it, whatever, to match what you find in the JY. Then you'll know which tools to take, how to access it, etc. before you get there. I'd guess 99 and up Explorers, but have no idea about the newer years...
  15. noise from 2nd gear

    Wow, that's a nice result! My "guess" is the slop in the stick was affecting the engagement fork position for second gear, making it sing.
  16. 2002 2.3L studdering/bucking

    Forgot to mention plug that open line (vacuum leak when EGR commanded open).
  17. 2002 2.3L studdering/bucking

    Disconnect the vacuum line to the EGR valve and drive it like that for a day. If that cures the stuttering, replace the DPFE, reconnect the vacuum line and clear the computer memory by disconnecting the battery and turning the headlights on, then off, reconnect. Let it relearn the idle by...
  18. ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world, Owen.
  19. Dumbfounded. Engine Light Issues

    "Also, my a/c goes to the defrosters at anything harder than 1/4 throttle. This seems to be the norm with these. I checked the system all tested fine. This engine just doesn't like making vacuum above 2000 rpm." ^Smoking gun. You have a vacuum reservoir with a checkvalve that prevents the...
  20. Dumbfounded. Engine Light Issues

    At the very least, you should test the IAC. Note rpm at idle, then select AC on and see rise in rpm. Disconnect IAC and note drop in rpm (may even stall). I hear what you're saying with the TB blade seal and IAC. But I can tell you for a fact that a 2000 3.0 WILL idle with a solid gasket...

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