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  1. prerunin554

    What does your truck look like all drooped out?

    Drooooooooooooooooooooop! rear droops out more now that i moved the shackle hangers back some too
  2. prerunin554

    M5OD internal parts, help me find them?

    Here is the dealio, I am rebuilding a friends transmission after he blew out second gear. Pulled it out today to take a peak inside, and all i see that really needs replacing is 2nd gear (He will be swapping to a C4 later this year, so it doesn't need to last forever). I called the dealer to...
  3. prerunin554

    Ranger 4 wheel ABS module

    I have a 96 ranger that i am currently caging it front to rear. I decided to pull the ABS module (4 wheel ABS) to make room for my coilovers and i will be re-plumbing the front brakes anyway. I spent countless hours in the Ford repair manuals and EVTM's, but cannot find the info i need. On the...
  4. prerunin554


    Hello, my name is Ken and i hail from San Diego, California. I could have sworn I had an account before, but apparently not. I have a 96 ranger that i am currently caging bumper to bumper to be used as a dezert toy. Pretty close to a drivable state, just need to finish the engine cage. Here...

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