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  1. 4R44E to a 4R55E

    I want to know if you can bolt a 4R55E transmission in place of the lighter 4R44E? I have 3.0 but would like to replace the light duty transmission with its bigger brother the 4R55E. My 4R44e is having problems shifting from 2nd to 3rd so I want to replace it but dont want to run in this problem...
  2. Factory Spacers

    So I went down to my Ford Parts Counter to get the F150 coil spacers and guess what, there were 22.00 for left side and 47.00 for the right side. So I found the 2" spacers that was 125.00 from some places for 50.00 on Ebay with free shipping.
  3. 1995 Ranger XLT Extended Cab Factory Amp

    You can find it left of the rear passenger speaker behind the interior panel. If you are using a bypass wire you can let down the jump seat and unplug it from there. Its up a little so dont give up.

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