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  1. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

    Thanks for the replies. Coffee can lid method holding oil so far with at about 1k miles now. No, thank you, on the tool offering. :) Here is the most informative video I found...
  2. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

    It definitely should need a tool, ford t95t-6701-a3, or OTC #7834. It looks like it's got steps to hold the seal and the flange where the go, and stop in the right spot when putting it in. I couldn't find one locally. You can order them online, and even the actual fel-pro tool there too, but...
  3. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

    I picked up a new rear main seal the other day to replace mine while doing the clutch. It's a fel-pro BS 40619. It came with a metal sleeve. Anybody have any experience with this particular seal? There are no instructions or anything on how this should go in, whether you need a special tool...
  4. Flywheel question

    Thanks guys. 5 minutes of researching the issues with resurfaced flywheels and not knowing anything about this one made me want to just buy the new one and be done.
  5. Defective's DD build

    Just looking back through my thread. Thought I had updated it a little while back, but I guess not. Anyway, I put the Ranger back on the road again last March with the new front end setup. I've put probably around 15k on it, maybe more. It's been absolutely flawless up there. I didn't do...
  6. Flywheel question

    1996 4.0 5spd 4x4. Changing out the clutch/slave. My flywheel has what looks like little fractures all around the surface. I got lucky looking through my parts and found a fresh resurfaced one. Only problem is one of the pins is broken and was surfaced flat with the rest. The other two pins...
  7. D44 IFS seals

    Thanks 4x4junkie. Your post inspired me to do some more checking using earlier years and also for a bronco which allowed me to come to this conclusion: It appears Ford used several different methods in this area on the D44. Later years apparently use an inner and outer axle seal and no metal...
  8. D44 IFS seals

    D44 TTB seals Can anybody offer some insight into what seal(s) go between the axle stub and spindle, and what seal goes on the spindle before the hub/brake disc goes on? I've looked at too many websites and am confused now. It's for a D44/35 hybrid I've been working on and off for years. I...
  9. Are the d35 beam housings the same?

    Is the driver's side axle housing from a 92-94 Explorer d35 the same as what's under my 1996 Ranger with a d35? When I search on car-parts.com they don't seem to interchange.
  10. was searching for shed moving tips...

    Maybe it's been posted before, but I've never seen it. Thought you guys would enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNmof8B4IhI&feature=related
  11. Napa filter master packs

    Just a heads up, NAPA has "master packs" of filters for our trucks at a fraction of the normal cost. Like 12 for the price of one it seems. OIL FILTERS I ordered up two cases of filters for my f150 and expedition, and one case for the ranger. I also got a case of fuel filters for the...
  12. Borescopes

    I'm thinking about getting one. I would want one that's small enough to go in spark plug holes, has a light and has a decent picture for a good price. Anybody have one or know anything about them?
  13. Defective's DD build

    Tired of having problems with the bearings on my 1996 Ranger 4x4, I decided to try the Dana 44 knuckle upgrade that's posted in the tech articles and some others have done. I purchased a wrecked 1996 F150 off craigslist for 800 bucks. Both trucks: I started the project right away...
  14. 35/44 knuckle swap questions

    I'm modifying my 35 beams to fit 44 knuckles using the BJ's from the 44. This is for a daily driven commuter that sometimes see's high speed 4x4 usage on the highway in the winter. What's the best way to handle connecting the steering? cheapest? Can I simply run it like a stock 44 with the tie...
  15. F150 coils/shocks

    Has anyone tried using the buckets/shock mounts from an F150 like the one in the pic? These are on a 1996. I'm considering a 5.8 for an AWD street truck. I'm looking to keep ride height stock right now while stiffening things up a bit.
  16. 5.8L swap

    I'm looking at putting the 5.8L from a wrecked 96 f150 into my 96 ranger. I have the whole truck, so all parts are available. How does this swap work with the existing Ranger's electrical system? Would the wiring from a 96 5.0 explorer work on a 5.8 to make this a cleaner swap? Am I better...
  17. 1996 f150 for parts?

    Since my ranger is down due to bearings again, I was kicking around the idea of trying the 44 knuckle swap. I found a wrecked 1996 f150 EB, that has 115,000 miles on it. The guy hit a tree and the front end is smashed in pretty good. He says it's too costly to fix. It has a 5.8, auto, and...
  18. My 44 Knuckle Swap 35/44 Hybrid

    :icon_thumby: I meant how did you cut this chunk out?
  19. 44 knuckle swap and ABS

    Here's one, thinking about an $800 offer. :dunno: What do you think?
  20. My 44 Knuckle Swap 35/44 Hybrid

    How did you get the ball joint clearance cut out like that? Also, what's that "window" for? Did you make any other cuts for clearance?

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