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  1. transmission year

    I have a FM 145 5 speed transmission. I wanted to see anyone could tell me what year it is. this the info; model # FM 145, t/m assy # E57A 7003 KC, build code 020526. I searched the wed, but I did not it.:icon_confused: thanks.
  2. running rough then dies

    On my way home Wednesday my 86 2.9 Bronco ii started jerking and had a loss of power. It would barely go and could barely get to third gear. I put a fuel pressure tester on it and had about 10 to 15 psi tops. I replaced the fuel pump on the frame and the fuel filter between the pump and the...
  3. Can I make money fixing rangers to resell?

    This is my situation and question. I'm 16 and I've started school for automotive technician. I'm looking at rangers for sale on craigslist that need misc. repairs. The prices I'm looking at are $500 - $1000. I know that repair costs will vary according to the problem, but can I make money...

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