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  1. WTB 10" sub enclosure for single cab

    Looking for a 10" sub enclosure for regular single cab mazda swell as sub and amp any offer send me a personal message please
  2. Lifting 2wd

    I was talking to a gearhead friend of mine and he said most people avoid liftin the 2wd trucks because it can screw up ur front end like cv joint wear and just odd things like that...any opinions?:icon_confused:
  3. My Truck

    hey guys got some pics of my truck here just wanted to show yall :D:icon_hornsup:............ now just to remove those pesky decals and put it on some 31's
  4. Any suggestions for removing scratches?

    Got my truck stuck in a ditch... Got it winched out rubbed a big ass bush and it scratched my paint and taillight ....my gramps is gunna be pissed any suggestions?
  5. K u guys are gunna love this one

    I do security at an incomplete housing development where there have been alot of broken windows and stuff I was out documenting unsecured areas when I pull into this files to flash my highbeams at a house that is incomplete when I see two guys standing smoking "something" (piff...California)...
  6. WTB c.b. For my truck

    I wanna buy a cb (new or used) as long as it works aswell as a whip antaenna if anyone had one for sale message me or email me please tougemylife@gmail.com
  7. Would bigger tires hurt my tranny?

    96 b2300 with +209k immaculately taken care of by previous owner would bigger tires (offroad) hurt me Lil truck?
  8. My b2300 suspension

    I know the previous owner put a different suspension on it for comfort but for some reason it looks taller than stock I'll post some pics you guys tell me hat you think I'll get a close up of the suspension itself maybe u guys can tell me if it's adjustable or not I wanna run meatier tires on it...
  9. Question need help

    Ok idk what kin of suspension is on it now I know the previous owner put an aftermarket setup on for comfort during the ride it sits fairly "high" as is but I want to run a meaty-er offroad tire an rim setup but I'm not sure if that would put strain on my drivetrain also how difficult ($$) would...
  10. Any words of advice from 2300 owners

    Anyone know a good sight to pick up aftermarket parts for the b2300? I'm looking for some new rims/tires (not sure what size is safe for the stock tranny) possibly a lift kit and windshield visor maybe lightbars anyway...any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... Also noticed the...
  11. B2300 stock question about new rims and tires

    So I have a stock b2300 but I would like to do some mods to it everything is stock so what I was wondering is I want to run bigger rims and tires but I'm not wantingto hurt the truck any suggestion on rim/tire size I want to give it the "offroad" look
  12. Whatsup yall

    Brand new to ranger station my truck was a gift fro My grandfather it's a 94 b2300 2wd manual he recently upgraded to an 01 ranger xlt I love my truck she has some potential can't wait to get her looking lime I want I will post some pics in the future when I'm not on my phone thanks for having...
  13. Hello guys

    My grandpa gave me his b2300 as gift when I got my job doing security he picked up an 01 ranger xlt with 8k miles or 8 grand beautiful truck...anyway my truck is pretty well un-molested I just wanted to know what ranger parts would work for my truck it's a 1996 2wd I love this truck and I want...

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