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  1. crawlin91

    Drag link?

    1.5" o.d. X 0.25" wall DOM 3/4" or 7/8" heim with threaded tube adapters to fit 1" i.d. tube or buy a reamer and use one ton TREs instead
  2. crawlin91

    Dana 30 Qs

    you are doing a solid axle, knuckle, swap and gear change but you dont trust yourself to pick out a bolt?:eek:
  3. crawlin91

    Sas dana 30

    Get to reading. http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121521 http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125972 http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=105470 http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92330...
  4. crawlin91

    Rocky Mountain Ranger '92 SAS

    1992 Ranger DD/wheeler/hunting and exploration rig. The 20 year old suspension is sagged out, the shocks are on their last leg and the 31" BFG ATs rub up front on bigger bumps. Time for a build up and some major improvements. Specs: 4.0, m50d, 1354E, standard cab long-box Current picture...
  5. crawlin91

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    ^x1,000 although I have run 33"s on an 8" inch wide rim with no issues. Thornturds!! FTW!:headbang: This gets better and better.:D Yeah, I know, I read it already. Guess he didnt take your advice either. TRS has been good to me, even when I was a newb. Of course I wasnt asking questions...
  6. crawlin91

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    This should all be obvious but...If this is your first 4x4 ever than I suggest you slow down just a bit. Figure out exactly what you want to accomplish with your money, time, truck etc. Do some reading...books, service manuals, tech info, build threads, articles, etc. Google search. If you know...
  7. crawlin91

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    He is not a member here as far as I know. Found it on Pirate, some guy from Florida.
  8. crawlin91

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    This should at least get you started. Step one: Cut off back half of frame, attach several feet of exhaust tubing for sliders and a good strong base for a roll cage.;missingteeth; Setp two: place rockwell axle behind hacked up ranger
  9. crawlin91

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Rockwells should bolt right up, although 35's are a little big, Id go 31's max unless you want to be replacing shafts everytime you go out.
  10. crawlin91

    what coils to use???

    any of the jeep xj lift coils should be about right running a dana 30...... .....and modify your coil buckets to retain the coils similar to a Jeep and you will have all the flex you need.
  11. crawlin91

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    :icon_thumby:Finally got it tonight with a pair of strong magnets and several clamps holding the shaft to the backing plate.
  12. crawlin91

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    It will spin on, and/or with, the axle shaft but there is no room to push or pry the c clip off towards the pinion because it hits the enclosed truetrac body. I might end up calling Detroit's customer service line. Thanks for the quick replies.
  13. crawlin91

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    That may work, I tried to ratchet strap the axle tight onto/into the diff housing but that didnt move it enough. I also tried smacking the flange with a BFH to loosen up the seal some and using 3 C-clamps from the flange to the drum backing plate to press the shaft in but nothing works....I...
  14. crawlin91

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    I am having trouble removing the passenger side c-clip from an Explorer 8.8 axle. It is a '93 Explorer Drum brake 8.8. It has been regeared with a new carrier (Detroit Truetrac). The truetrac is essentially a solid body design with the helical gear limited slip internals hidden. This makes a...
  15. crawlin91

    What axle shafts(U-Joints) are these?

    Those look to me to be the larger size 5-297 u joints, the same that are used in Dana 35 and Dana 44 axles. If you can measure the diameter of the caps with a caliper to know for sure. If they measure 1 3/16" then I would say run them as is, If you are wheeling your truck hard then grab some...
  16. crawlin91

    FREE Offroad Classifieds

    Offroad Classifieds 4wdclassifieds.com This is a post I found on another forum and wanted to pass it along to those on this site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4WD Classifieds is a new website like Kijiji or Craigslist that was just launched...
  17. crawlin91

    Expo 8.8, FW 8.8, or 9?

    Find a full width 8.8 or 9" to match the full width dana 44. Expo 8.8 is a decent axle 95 and newer come with discs. If you go that route narrow a d44 or grab one from an EB Early Bronco that is already the correct width. If you stay under 35" tires and just plan on trail riding, a dana 30...
  18. crawlin91

    2nd gen Ranger rear window back glass compatability

    Can I swap a rear window from a 91 extended cab to a 92 standard cab? Anyone know if it will fit from experience?
  19. crawlin91

    hp dana 44 and ford 99" value?

    I think they would go pretty fast if you put them in the classifieds on CO4x4.org
  20. crawlin91

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    2"X.250 DOM is around $10/foot here so most of the expense is in the joints/rod ends. I would agree that long arms can be made much cheaper than $470 with the right tools., even if you used thicker material for the links.

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