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  1. crawlin91

    Rocky Mountain Ranger '92 SAS

    1992 Ranger DD/wheeler/hunting and exploration rig. The 20 year old suspension is sagged out, the shocks are on their last leg and the 31" BFG ATs rub up front on bigger bumps. Time for a build up and some major improvements. Specs: 4.0, m50d, 1354E, standard cab long-box Current picture...
  2. crawlin91

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    I am having trouble removing the passenger side c-clip from an Explorer 8.8 axle. It is a '93 Explorer Drum brake 8.8. It has been regeared with a new carrier (Detroit Truetrac). The truetrac is essentially a solid body design with the helical gear limited slip internals hidden. This makes a...
  3. crawlin91

    FREE Offroad Classifieds

    Offroad Classifieds 4wdclassifieds.com This is a post I found on another forum and wanted to pass it along to those on this site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4WD Classifieds is a new website like Kijiji or Craigslist that was just launched...
  4. crawlin91

    2nd gen Ranger rear window back glass compatability

    Can I swap a rear window from a 91 extended cab to a 92 standard cab? Anyone know if it will fit from experience?
  5. crawlin91

    Anyone shipped a dana 35 axle or other big item?

    I am trying to sell another TRS member a Dana 35 axle assembly (everything that bolts to the beams, minus the radius arms and drop brackets). I would think I could make it fairly compact. I would be shipping it from Denver CO to Texas. I would like to know what has worked well for other...
  6. crawlin91

    2nd Gen Fuel line sizes

    Extending the lines to put the tank in the bed.... What size of rubber fuel lines do I need? (the two that run along the frame rail and go directly to the tank) 5/16" or 3/8" i.d.??????????:icon_confused:
  7. crawlin91

    Older BII fuel tank in ranger bed (pic)

    I just searched through 10-15 threads on this subject and couldn't find the info I needed. background:I have an older 84 BII tank (from a carbed 2.8) that I would like to run in my 91 ranger. The plan is to throw the 84 BII tank in the bed just behind the cab and possibly cut a hole in the bed...
  8. crawlin91

    coolant puking issue?

    I noticed my 2.9 in my 91 ranger started loosing coolant. It progressively got worse over the course of a few days while I continued to drive it short distances and keep the coolant level topped up..... now after driving the vehicle any distance when I park and shut the vehicle off it spews out...
  9. crawlin91

    addicted to rbvs? who's got the most?

    how many rbv's do you own? post em up and include pics if you've got em. lets see who has the most, maybe Jim will send you a sticker. Ive got 3 at the moment, two second gen rangers and a 1st gen BII
  10. crawlin91

    Another DIY Saginaw Pump Swap q?

    Im doing the saginaw ps pump swap (cardone, '79 Tbird HD pump) I got the old flywheel off the o.e. pump and onto the new saginaw and got it bolted into place with no grinding of any kind needed on the bracket, (its a 91 2.9 ranger). I decided to replace both the pressure line and the return...
  11. crawlin91

    Wheeling Pics Chinamanns Gulch Colorado

    Ran chinamann's gulch this last weekend with a local club. Just thought Id share some pictures. It rained the entire weekend which made the trail and camping a little more interesting. Some carnage, broken sector shaft! twisted driveshaft both were repaired on the trail and drove out...
  12. crawlin91

    Chinamans Gulch

    a little late notice but there is a run on saturday at Chinamans Gulch near buena vista, CO if anyone here is interested in wheeling/camping. Should be a nice big run with a good turn out. If you are interested PM me for details.:icon_cheers:
  13. crawlin91

    I.D. a dana 60 rear axle

    Is there any way to identify a dana 60 rear axle by the numbers on the diff itself? It says the bill of materials is located on the axle tube but i couldnt find them. Its supposedly a ff 30 spline the guy thinks it may be from an old power wagon.
  14. crawlin91

    1350 T case surgery?

    I am pulling apart a borg warner manual 1350 transfer case to use for the crawl box in my doubler. I got the cases split and the front plate and planetary gears removed. The cases will pull apart to about an inch but I cant get enough slack in the chain to slip it up over the gears to...
  15. crawlin91

    gas tank in the bed?

    I am sick of my drive shaft rubbing the skid, I am installing a doubler and shortening the rear end:icon_welder:. Long story short the stock gas tank has to go. What is the easiest/cheapest way to get a tank up into the bed without taking up a ton of space? "91 ranger extendo-cab" I've got an...
  16. crawlin91

    stacked body lifts? BII

    Is this a combination of body mount bushings and a body lift or is it two stacked body lifts? The top measures exactly 3" end to end and the bottom 1.5".
  17. crawlin91

    Choosing a tow rig.

    Im looking for a tow rig. lots of 80's Ford 150 and F250s around here for sale. Id like to spend less than $2000. Plan on trailering either my BII or Ranger Which engine would be best for towing and what else should I look for?
  18. crawlin91


    Narrowing the body, anybody done it on a rbv or otherwise post it up, front or rear ends included. Ive seen a few but I know there is more out there.
  19. crawlin91

    One ton questions

    Finally building a real wheeler, but im a little confused with all this wms srw drw hub crap, and countless tech threads ive read through. I want full width but dont want to be a mile wide in the end. Stable but can still hit some of the tight trails. Im still gathering parts so I would like to...

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