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  1. chromecast

    does anybody have one? have any hints, tips, tricks, hacks? im moving away from theater PCs to low power chromecasts and my pi NAS.
  2. my new file server/NAS

    Ij ust got finished putting this together, 1 raspberry pi (4) 1 TB hard drives usb wif adapter powered usb hub its gonna be serving up movies and music and misc. to all the computers in the house through a samba shared virtual raid 5 drive. :headbang:
  3. identifying a part of a part

    so i ran across an article/request for help on another car site i frequent, the part of the car that needs to be identified came off a killers car during a hit and run, i think they pretty much have it narrowed down to a ford grill, maybe we can help get it down to the exact year/model...
  4. pickup maintenance, driving, design, and costs

    so wandering around the rest of the internet i ran across an in depth article about pickup design, driving, maintenance, and cost of ownership and thought I'd share :D http://nctr.net/Campfire%20tails/Pickup%20Trucks.htm
  5. something for the kiddies

    or maybe just a quick lil joke on a coworker you can have google send a call to someone as Santa Clause just hit up their website http://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/ and put in some info about you and the person you want them to call and little kids can get a call from Santa (or coworkers who...
  6. Mineral oil computer

    has anyone ever built one of these? http://www.pugetsystems.com/submerged.php ive been meaning to for a while, collecting parts and researching, but yesterday my computer at the house finally went into full meltdown (bios, reboot, bios, reboot) and if I'm gonna be putting together a new...
  7. this may be the best use of ascii I've ever seen

    I'm not sure how long this has been around but i thought it was pretty cool (how much of a geek does that make me? :icon_confused:) telnet into towel.blinkenlights.nl and sit back and enjoy
  8. 4.10 gear swap

    is there an idiot proof (pictures will help) guide to swapping gears to 4.10 on a 03 ranger with a 7.5 rear end, and i did try to search but it appears that i only get one page of results before i get a page not found error

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