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  1. Need help ac not working

    If you hooked up gauges before you turn on the AC the pressure should be X psi. Then after the AC is turned on the pressure should go down. It should be maybe 50 psi depending on the ambient temperature. It doesn't hurt to overfill by a little. Did you replace the filter dryer?
  2. need help with frame shop Northern Ohio

    The frame on my 02 is rusting on the passenger side between the bed and the cab. I need to know if anybody knows of a frame shop that can repair this.
  3. necessity is the mother of invention

    So I was trying to replace the serpentine belt on the 4.0L. Well I got the old belt off but I just couldn't get the new belt on. Without an appropriate tool I went this route. Yes it is a piece of pipe with a ratchet duck taped to the inside of the pipe. Worked great with plenty of leverage. I...
  4. Odd start problem

    On Tuesday morning I go to start the truck. 02 Ranger 4.0 FX4. It turns over but won't start. I apply gas and it runs but I have to keep it at around 3000 rpm to keep it running. I start to left off the gas slowly and finally the rpm jumps up and the truck can hold an idle. It seems to run fine...
  5. battery and charging question

    I have an 02 ranger 4.0. The battery was the original until this past week. I have been noticing that when I go to start the truck up the voltage gauge (gauge is factory on the instrument panel) is down then comes right back up slow but not that slow. The battery voltage before I started was...
  6. A question for people living in Southern Ohio

    I heard that they were going to raise users fees. One of the fees was to make some of the roads in Southern Ohio toll roads, like they do around Chicago. I heard they are talking about a toll on a bridge or bridges so they can be finished. I wondering if anybody heard anything about this.
  7. MPG versus exhaust backpressure

    For awhile I had an exhaust leak in the muffler and also at the spring coupler near the cat. When driving on the highway I would notice the truck would downshift when going up slight grades (slight inclines on a manual you wouldn't downshift for them). I could tell by the tach. Well I had the...
  8. Another gas price thread

    This morning the price of gas was 3.32 and 3.34 at 2 seperate gas stations. This afternoon the price of gas is 3.62 and 3.64. This was in less than 5 hours. Did anybody notice?
  9. Question about a 55 T-Bird electrical problem

    A little background. It's a 55 T-Bird that has a 6 volt electrical system with the positive going to the body and the negative going through the wiring. Soem more background. First the car wouldn't start as in turn over sometimes it would turnover sometimes it wouldn't. The lights on the dash...
  10. 2002 4x4 ABS brake problem

    Had the same problem on my 02. Wehn coming to a stop after the speed was below 10 mph the brake pedal would drop adn the ABS would kick in. Had the garage look at it. The ABS wasn't getting any signal below a certain speed. Had both hubs replaced. I heard you can replace the sensor for a lot...
  11. tire balancing question

    Heres the story. My brother gets 2 tires for free. They look brand new they still have the nubs on them from when they were cast. So we mount the one go to the tire balance machine put weights on the outside then the inside turn on the machine again and the machine shows zeros which means the...
  12. OH. to PA. and PA. to OH.

    So last week i drive from Ohio to Pittsburgh PA. OH. Turnpike $5, PA Turnpike $3.90. So I come home, PA. Turnpike $0.00, OH Turnpike $5. The question is why does PA. charge you going in but not coming out? :dunno:
  13. If I only had 30 million laying around

    http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5gbvF6Yz_frq7aG8mvqx11MxbmotQ Nasa has reduced the price of a used space shuttle from 42 million to 28.8 million. :icon_surprised:
  14. Diagnostic codes

    Pull the spark plug and see what it looks like.
  15. can somebody explain car parts pricing?

    I pick up 2 loaded front calipers for my 02 Ranger. Quoted 92 dollars per caliper. Picked them up didn't look at the bill. Well the bill reads. price 195.65 net 90.00 amount 90. core 50.00 tax 9.10 total 149.10 Does this mean I have 2 for the price of 1? I had the samething happen on brake...
  16. Spare tire lock

    This guy I know his wife just hit a curb with their Ranger and the tire is mangled. They have spare but it there is a lock in the slot between the bumper and tailgate where you put the handle to lower the spare tire. They don't have the key. The truck was bought used. Does anybody know how to...
  17. remake of It's A Wonderful Life

    I heard recently about talk of a remake of It's A Wonderful Life. There is talk of George Clooney as George Bailey and Jack Lemon as Mr. Potter. Well I thought wouldn't it be interesting if we could use politicians instead of actors. Who would you choose to play which parts. Don't take this to...

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