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  1. Any Skagit/Whatcom guys want to find some logging roads?

    I was looking at the Walker Valley ORV trails, but they seem pretty tough for a total noob like myself. So I'd like to find some logging roads to try some off-roading and learn a bit about how my truck works and reacts in different situations – preferably without beating it up! (I've only had it...
  2. Ranger Shopping: Trim Comparison Needed

    I've got two trucks left to drive, and I'd like to get some pros/cons between the different trim levels… All three are 4x4, 4.0 SOHC, Auto, electronic transfer case, extended cabs. 2003 Edge, 47,000 miles (to drive) 2005 FX4 L2, 72,000 miles (to drive) 2007 FX4, 45,000 miles (driven…like!)...
  3. New from Mount Vernon, WA (with a troubleshooting Q up front!)

    Well, I don't have a Ranger just yet, but I'm definitely looking to get one soon to replace my current DD, a 2005 Impala. (Not that it's a bad car, I just can't carry the bigger stuff for my home improvement projects–and I always wanted a truck anyway :D ) I just test drove a great 2007 FX4L2...

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