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  1. What are these bushings called

    So im trying to change the bushings not the frame ones but the ones on the joints and i want to know what their called so i can order the right parts, see pictures tonknow which ones im talking about, thanks [emoji106] Sent from my LG-M327 using Tapatalk
  2. Seats

    I havent actually gone and taken a look but before i do, do the bucket seats in an explorer 90's. Fit 90's rangers, Sent from my LG-M327 using Tapatalk
  3. Dropped bolt in shifter hole Its urgent but i couldnt post on urgent

    Sooooo i was installing a new Hurst short shifter into my tranny today and when i was gonna bolt on the base plate i dropped and bolt into the gearbox and it was lost into oblivion. Yes i ignored the part about covering the shifter hole, i stuck a magnet in There drained and poured the fluid a...
  4. Clutch choices and fluid question

    So imma need to replace my clutch soon and this truck is my daily driver in the busy Streets and highways of LA, and i was wondering whats the difference between an autozone clutch and persay an exedy oem clutch or stage 1 as an upgrade. Also i filled my tranny with generic shield ATF it said...
  5. M5odr1 tranny fluid

    I used generic ATF the shield brand all i had at the time, using that i stead of dexcron iii would it cause slight harder shifting, would it negatively affect it
  6. Creating an off road racing truck

    I'm interested in building an off road truck to race in not for the near future with time after build and practice and testing, i was wondering if anyone could provide me with a list of upgrades to do to a truck as I am new to this, a list perhaps around these guideline, (Vehicles built from a...
  7. Soft clutch pedal

    Hello guys if already in a different thread plz share, Where I'm at: rebuilt tranny. New hydraulic line, havent changed slave, i can turn truck on but not put into gear only when off, bench bled the hydraulic line, and bled again multiple times once I re-installed the line, then pulled line out...
  8. Transmission swap

    I have 96 4.0 4wd, transmission went out, so I found a 95 ranger with same size engine but it's 2wd, if I swap it will I lose the 4wd, if so can I somehow make it 4 wd,

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