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  1. Cabin air filter retrofit kit?

    One thing which will help is a photo or good drawing of the system's ducting. There may be a spot where "all the air" passes through (say, after the heater core / evaporator box) which has a spot which would have enough "removable" plain duct so a filter and holder can be added. One benefit you...
  2. 2000 4cyl battery terminal connector?

    Use whatever fits. If any fastener is corroded, a) be grateful you're able to turn it and, b) effect replacement before it crumbles away completely. Battery terminal hardware is sound stuff. Some last for decades. Bad batches of cheap hardware come down the line for sure. Cheap nuts and...

    ^^Give that man a beer!"
  4. PCV Valve Location

    High School boys: Hey man, cold air intake! Mud Daubers: Hey man, NO air intake!
  5. Father In Law Ranger Help.. Engine Starts, but dies.. P0118, P0175, P0394, P0453

    3 4 2 6 1 5 front ^^This is how the spark coil pack is plugged. FYI: Distributor is a term used for older styled systems. Your passenger side (right side, No. America) wires for cylinders 1,2 and 3 are correct. It is only a coincidence that graphic representations of the cylinder numbers...
  6. Hot distrubitor cap

    Label that cap with make, year, engine and post it on every vehicle website in the world. That can't be at all common.
  7. The importance of running Top-Tier gasoline in your 2019+ Ranger.

    Many of the "name brand" stations I see which are Top-Tier (Sunoco, BP, Amoco, Shell and others) do not put the "TT" sticker on the pump. In the future they may.
  8. Starter differences, 4.0l SOHC in an FX4

    Several companies offer more than one starter for my truck. How do I determine which one to select? The term "1.4 kilowatt" is ascribed to a few of the offerings on RockAuto with no other kilowatt numbers listed for any other starters. No trim levels are mentioned. Where to look?
  9. Am I getting had by alignment shop?

    OK. Hi guys +1 on 'failure to communicate'. +1 on the delicacy, care & expertise needed to fit the pitman arm properly being more than expected. Could a new employee have bleated the $125 estimate at you unknowingly? Are test drives done to settle in new parts? That'd add to the total, no...
  10. New car

    Get your Coba wheels...but those "Mustang Crager Mags" look sooooo good on that car. Best of luck with it.
  11. 4.0 SOHC

    Small Omission: adsm08 said above (in part),"Don't get too down on your truck right away....most... people only complain.. about things that went wrong... because they...need help fixing it, or...someone to take care of it...you hear about the thousands of problems.....you don't hear about the...
  12. '03 FX4 Level II ??

    It's 241 days later....That's a nice pair of '03's you had. I know what the Torsen gear-set "is" (seen the worm gears) but what does it do for you while driving?
  13. New parts on!

    Just an observation regarding eye protection. Masks for underwater use range from children's play-toys to professional scuba gear. We all know this. Good masks come in many "forms" by which I mean the contours necessary to closely fit the wearer's face. So, why is eye protection all $3 junk...
  14. How much slip yoke grease?

    ericbphoto asked above: "So how much does that grease cost?" 1) Months ago a fellow here called the 3 0z. tube, "a $15 item". 2) Last week the Ford parts counterman told me $45. 3) I immediately went home and found it on Amazon for < $13. Guess where I purchased it. PM sent to eric
  15. How much slip yoke grease?

    Thanks for the info. It always helps and is always appreciated....NO BS
  16. How much slip yoke grease?

    This is bad news. My '05 has what I think is the "bump" and have ordered the XG-8. After removing the 4 bolts at the rear flange and removing the forward Oetikar clamp and puling the yoke out you're saying fluid will pour out? Heavens. I must say, researching this drive shaft lube thing...
  17. PCV question

    Yo, dashhho, I'm a year ahead of you in 2005 ownership. The clearance for my PCV valve replacement was tight. IIRC I unscrewed the valve then removed it from the hose. Northern vehicles and Southern vehicles require replacement at the 3rd and 4th oil changes respectively. The old one barely...
  18. Fuel Filter Replacement -- easier than I thought

    A 2002 Volvo V70 I had used 2 opposing buttons on the sides of the connector. Push in at instinctive 3-9 positions. They instantly and completely released. New filter popped in immediately. The 2005 Ranger required the tool which resembles an inch of tubing with a slice so you can fit it over...
  19. Fuel Filter Replacement -- easier than I thought

    Thanks for the pics. I thinly coat the new fuel filter's nipples with silicone grease.
  20. Heard that 2001 ford ranger 4.0 intake can be upgraded from a taurus for more hp???

    OK. What does FIFY mean? TIA Dear Mom's 3.0l Vulcan V6 (I think) from her 1991Taurus GL isn't represented.

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