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  1. Assorted parts

    Sounds good, just let me know a few days beforehand so we can work out a meeting time and place.
  2. Assorted parts

    Yeah, i don't post much, but it is neat to see what other people have done. The items still available are: stock leaf springs and coil springs, wiring harness pieces, upper and lower intake, rocker covers, air box, Timing cover, oil pan and i think a fuel rail. I’m a bit north of Fontana.
  3. Assorted parts

    Im in Southern California.
  4. Assorted parts

    I have some items that are taking up room and that i would like to get rid of but would hate to throw out if someone else can use some of it. Located in the inland empire area of southern california. The items are: A ford 2.9L v6 which i believe was from an 88 ranger, ran but had low...

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