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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) Marvel Mystery Oil in poorly maintained, high mileage truck

    note: 2000 ford ranger 2.5l 2wd mt, 275,000mi, i received the truck at 120,000mi .... i have gone quite a few oil changes to over 5k miles and/or over 10mo Hey, I am wondering if it is a bad idea to place Marvel Mystery Oil in my high mileage engine? i have never "de-sludged" my engine before...
  2. 2.5L ('98-'01) im gonna do a carb cleaner spray vacuum leak test

    i have check engine light code on: p0171 bank 1 running lean i tried the cigar smoke test twice, no smoke i tried propane spray test no results then i was told use carb cleaner cause it is way more volatile and i will be able to hear the idle change easier. soooo.... i know this can catch my...
  3. help, i have "corrupted my operating system"

    probably windows 10 or something my laptop crashed and while it was restarting/repairing itself, it turned off. i turned in back on and logged in but some operating system stuff is non-functional. i guess now some 'operating system files' are 'corrupted' >i cant open 'new folder' on desktop...

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