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  1. 2011 4.0L 4x4 Stock Exhaust Size

    As the title says I'm looking for help finding out the stock exhaust pipe size. I had my exhaust system break and need to repair it. Specifically looking for the size of the pipe that enters into the muffler. Thank you.
  2. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well, I spoke too soon. Car is currently bricked again. The antitheft is on and the car wont start. Back to Ford again we go..
  3. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well day 2 of no issues. I think this fixed it, but I'll still knock on wood everytime I say that. Thank you for the help.
  4. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well I put an entire 5 oz can of Deoxit through the board, so if it doesn't work then it's replacing time. I think the qtip rubbing alcohol helped a bit, either that or luck made it happen less today.
  5. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well its not looking good moisture wise. I took the sjb out and it looks like theres corrosion between the layers. (Attached photos) Any advice on getting what I cant reach with qtips out?
  6. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Ok, weirdly enough I found these diagrams you posted https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/sjb-smart-junction-box-connectors.178343/post-1637518 My corrosion looks to be on connector A, and the cluster is on connector B (guessing on reading those diagrams). I think this may...
  7. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Got the connectors removed, found what looks like corrosion by the circled pin
  8. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well title says it. My instrument cluster goes on and off while driving. Here's a link to videos and photos I took of it: . When it goes into this mode the turn signals, brights, gas gauge, tps warning all work fine. Otherwise nothing else works. Outside of the instrument cluster everything...
  9. LED cigarette lighter replacement

    Can you share a link to the LED you used? Thanks
  10. 4WD not working

    The 'trick' to my solution was unplugging the battery and letting it sit for the 4x4module to initialize the part. If you can maybe try checking the voltages in and out of each part to try and isolate where something is failing?
  11. LED cigarette lighter replacement

    Honestly the single dome light doesn't cut it
  12. LED cigarette lighter replacement

    I was thinking of installing LED strip lights into the interior of my Ranger. (Below is the link to the LEDs). It seems like the voltages are the same, but we'll have to see if the amperages are. Does anyone have an idea of how to mount the parts inside the cigarette lighter. I was planning on...
  13. 4WD not working

    Good news, I got it fixed. I did need to unplug the battery for 10 minutes to 'initialize' the module.
  14. 4WD not working

    Correct I did
  15. 4WD not working

    Talked with a mechanic I trust about this (not saying I don't trust this form, but he has been great to me in the past) When he did other work on the car he thought the part could of been bad too. To prove the part is defective from where I bought it they'd charge me for labor, and I want...
  16. 4WD not working

    Part number is 8L5Z-7E453-A I would be very surprised if this part was back I got it from a good ford dealer I am going to call where I got the part from, but I'm worried there's no way to test if the part is bad.
  17. 4WD not working

    Just double checked all the fuses and took apart and reassembled eveything just to be sure. No luck
  18. 4WD not working

    Installed the new module. Still not working, but I dont hear the 'ticking' anymore
  19. 4WD not working

    I've got one coming in tomorrow. It's nice having a decent dealer near
  20. 4WD not working

    I got it pulled out. It looks like the board is cooked, the tops of some of the components are wavy

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