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  1. schlutzer

    4th Gen floor pans??

    Appreciate the offer, but I'm in Canada. and as you can see I actually got a good resolution. Thanks anyway!
  2. schlutzer

    4th Gen floor pans??

    Well I couldn't find the info anywhere. So I'm going to ad it here. I did buy a first gen pan figuring even if it was different it would be a good start and I could modify it. Well, It was more than just a good start, it's a direct fit. I have to do some other metal work but this gets me most...
  3. schlutzer

    4th Gen floor pans??

    So I have a 2002 ranger that needs a larger floor patch that I want to make. I'm completely shocked to find that nobody sells a floorpan for this year of truck. There are pans for 1983-1992 but nothing after. Has anybody tried the older pan in the newer truck? Or have a source for a proper...
  4. schlutzer

    4x4 growling/ vibrating.

    I've got a 94 ranger, that makes a pretty wicked noise in 4x4. Only when I'm in 4x4 or in 2wd with the hubs locked (auto hubs) I get a very loud grinding noise coming from the front end. seems to be the drivers side and I can even feel it in my floor. I assumed it was a bad U-joint but its not...
  5. schlutzer

    Totally stumped.

    My truck has been parked for a year or so, and will be back ont he road very shortly, and I am fixing all those little problems that I ignored while I drove it. One that I can't figure out is a fuel smell. After driving it when I got out of the truck I could smell fuel, only when standing near...
  6. schlutzer

    I hate ACER!!

    First off I'm going to say these are the WORST computers if you plan on doing anything to them. When I bought it I went to install my 7950 video card and it won't recognize it. ACER said part malfuction and replaced the computer under warranty. after that the video card works. and I had no...
  7. schlutzer

    How to test the map sensor?

    Okay so I've posted a couple times about a problem I've continued to chase. I get random hesitation, fuel smell if i get out off the truck after running for more than 20 mins, sometimes it loses ALL power and i have to let off the gas for a second then its normal, I get a miss at idle that...
  8. schlutzer

    2.3 issues...extensive work/tests done already please help.

    Okay so first of all I'm going to list all the parts that are new but were not replaced trying to fix this problem: plugs/wires cap/rotor fuel filter in-tank fuel pump/sending unit air filter all vacuum hoses timing belt Now for the problem; I have been experiencing two likely related...
  9. schlutzer

    2.3 woes

    Okay so my truck has recently had a lot of issues that i have since fixed it has: All new vaccum lines new fuel and air filters new in tank fuel pump fresh gas spark plugs/wires distributor cap/rotor I have good compression 150psi on each cylinder but when I drive it sucks, NO power...
  10. schlutzer

    Think my headgasket is gone

    Okay so i recently went playing in DEEP puddles. sucked in a lot of a water now the truck runs like poop. if it sits it burns some white smoke at start up and is hard to keep running for the first few seconds and when driving i have NO power at all. I get random backfires and times of even...
  11. schlutzer

    Sucked in water!!

    okay so i was out playing in mud/puddles behind some factory today and sucked in a bunch of water. truck never died but the filter was soaked, replaced it and it got better but the truck still has NO power. then, while lookking at stuff I broke the stupid plastic t-fitting on the heater hose...
  12. schlutzer

    Question about buying a 4x4

    In the next couple months I'll be looking at buying a new ranger. my question is what are the better years? my long term goal is a lift and putting the 4.6 in it. people have done it and with a body lift its not very hard. I'll be looking to spend about 5 grand. I know the front suspension...
  13. schlutzer

    loose steering?

    I have an 88 ranger and Ive own two different rangers in the past. they ALL had the same issue. play in the steering wheel. even if i have the truck off and parked I can wiggle the steering wheel back and forth a good inch or two each direction from center. or about 4 inches total play. It's...
  14. schlutzer

    Beefing up and smoothing out the M5od.

    I dont personally like this tranny much. it shifts like a friggen dump truck. but I'm now left with two options. which is better? I'm about to do a 2.3T swap from a turbocoupe which has a t5 according to this website that tranny is rated for ~240 lb/ft. but I know they shift smoother and are...
  15. schlutzer

    Need fast help...please

    My 88 ranger with the 2.3 lost all clutch pressure...assuming slave cylinder. I have a parts truck...its a 92 4.0. the part #'s are different but will this slave work on my 2.3?
  16. schlutzer

    Hopefully simple question.

    My 88 ranger with a 2.3 is giving me a few issues. First I needed new plugs/wires, and a cap and rotor. they were old and causing some very hard starting. but that problem is solved. now I have a new one. the thing hesitates and seems slightly underpowered. it seems to hesitate more if i get...

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