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  1. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    I've been side tracked on assembling Mercury upgrades for a bit. Cooling system woes...... She never shiwed as hot, but I noticed the overflow tank was low. Filled her up before a trip downtown, then noticed a little coolant around the cap. Popped into Napa got a "Safety Cap," drove home guage...
  2. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Appreciate the effort, but the Musketeers lost their shine for me after Errol Flynn past.....lol Ram50Ron
  3. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Appreciate the effort, but the Musketeers lost their shine for me after Errol Flynn past.....lol
  4. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    I'm more of a Snickers guy....... Ram50Ron
  5. Replace batt cable, or fix?

    That was exactly what I was talking about, having someone thats a member produce better cables resulting in a Big 3 (or 4/5) upgrade we could all buy for a decent price compared to some of those offered online. I hoped a few standard length basic upgraded cables per model could work for almost...
  6. 3.0 V6 Underdrive pulley, belt, and other part set Underdog - NJ

    Resurrecting old thread since it doesn't show as sold. Any of this still available? Ram50Ron
  7. For Sale SumoSprings Rear for Ford Ranger

    Not showing as sold, you still got 'em? Ram50Ron
  8. For Sale 1996 ford ranger 4x4 3.0 part out (NJ)

    Old thread, but no staus update saying seats were sold. How much if ya still got them? Ram50Ron
  9. For Sale Explorer rear diffs: 4.10 LS, axle code D2 w/ disc brakes

    Resurrecting old thread here from last July. Did these get put through the crusher? Thanks Ram50Ron
  10. SOLD! Roller Rockers for 3.0 V6 : 1.8 Ratio

    So Resurrecting this old thread as well for same reason as the underdrive pulley thread. What did you gain once you installed these? If you did both this and the underdrive pulley swap how much noticeable increase in pep did you get, and is there any increase in mpg since the fun factor when...
  11. SOLD! UnderDrive Pulleys : 3.0 V6

    Resurrecting Old Thread/sale to see how this turned out after you installed. Did you get a good noticeable seat of the pants increase in throttle response, and any noticeable mpg increase if you could keep your foot out of it now? Ram50Ron
  12. Replace batt cable, or fix?

    Looking through this thread thinking we should already have someone thats a member selling better than stock, replacement cables? I read a few old old archived threads that spoke about someone who was that source, but doesn't seem like they are still around? With all the other things we want to...
  13. Best inexpensive shocks/suspension for Mazda B4000

    So almost 2 years later, gotta ask......how are thise $8 Amazon Specials performing now?
  14. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Still looking into this step PetroleumJunkie412. It does look like it will be alot of work to get things to line up.... I'll be looking at finding a donor Mountaineer that has a 8.8 with disc brakes and a decent Diff to replace my 7.5 open diff with 9in drums. Maybe I can find one that I can use...
  15. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    LOL! While I was preoccupied with coming up with a name for the project, had a little setback. Topping off fluids and saw the coolant expansion tank was a little low, no visible coolant on the ground or in the engine bay so topped it off. Ran it downtown and smelled coolant, it was leaking out...
  16. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Some nice ones there! QUOTE="Saddle Tramp, post: 1889062, member: 104525"] This is a great project! I agree with don4331 features suggestions. As for a name, how about Mercury Misaki? Misaki is a breed of pony. I did think of calling it the Mounty for the Canadian connection but... too...
  17. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    I like your adaption of Ranger850's original idea! Homage to M-1 old style and M-100 full size trucks, M-50 is similar with what Dodge did when they labeled their mini-rebadged trucks D-50 compared to their full size Dodge trucks. And Marauder already has vintage logo's that could be had to...
  18. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far on what to call this. Comments again please. I'm trying to stay away from names used by other manufacturers. Buick had a "Centurian" Concept car in '56 I think, then made Centurians from '71-'73. There also was an aftermarket customizer that took Ford Full...
  19. Instrument cluster bulbs, LED's?

    Resurrecting this thread to ask if you got your lower right bulb problem figured out. And clarifying if you used white LED's only that just appear blueish because of the guage faces. Thanks! Ram50Ron
  20. If Mercury Made a Ranger?

    Still researching options. Ram50Ron

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