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  1. Suspension kit help.

    I’m basically just trying to figure out if a 97 2wd is the same a a 94? i found some parts for a good deal and just wanna make sure they will fit before I buy them. please And thank you.
  2. Suspension kit

    Just wondering if anybody knows if this kit will fit a 94 ford ranger 2wd? It’s up for sale locally for a good deal and if it fits I wanna buy it. Any help is appreciated. Please and thank you. The kit is for a 97 2wd ford ranger All the details are in the pic.
  3. Multi purpose switch burnt up started smoking.

    Ok so the other night Im headed home and i have a hard time seeing at night with my dim lights so I Went to use my Hi beams and I started to smell a really strong burning plastic type smell. I immediately turned off the lights and struggled home hoping not to get pulled over. well next day I got...
  4. TPS?

    Ok so basically only after it warms up is when It happens and it Will go back down but gets stuck most of the time. and I’m talking about my idle. truck starts and runs fine but throttle seems to be getting stuck. I know it can’t be the throttle cable because when it’s happening if I turn the...
  5. Idle issue 94 ranger 4.0l

    What’s up ranger gang. So sometimes not all the time I will have a problem with my idle usually idles around about 900rpm but if I smash the throttle and go fast it will get stuck At about 1300-1500rpms. I don’t think it’s my throttle cable because if I turn the truck off and back on idle goes...
  6. DPFE keeps going bad?

    I have a 94 4.0l ranger 5speed manual transmission. My truck keeps destroying DPFE sensors and no they are not the plastic one I’ve only been getting the metal DPFE sensor. I’ve read that they are a hit and a miss but I feel like something is making them go bad. Truck isn’t running bad. I feel...
  7. 94 ford ranger DPFE problems.

    Hey I’m new to this so don’t exactly know if I’m posting this correctly. Basically I’m having DPFE sensor problems. I have read and heard a lot about the autozone or aftermarket sensors are not the best and tend to go out. But mine are literally going out within a day or two. Last one I had...

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