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  1. TRS 2021 Fall Off-Road Round-Up

    No, just a Frankenstein of an 89
  2. TRS 2021 Fall Off-Road Round-Up

    I haven’t logged into this site in like 7+ years and I was planning on going to the badlands this fall anyways. I might just have to bring my 2.3T bronco.
  3. Failed emissions... Two codes

    Lets see if someone responds this time.... Its a 1997 2.3L i have fixed all but 2 codes out of 6 total. With in the last year i have replaced: IAC valve spark plugs and wires dpfe sensor egr valve (and cleaned the egr tube) egr solenoid carbon canister sensor both o2 sensors. brand new gas...
  4. fuel line clips?

    fuel line clips for 97 ranger, where is the best place to get them? the previous owner didnt put them in right and i ended up destroying them taking them out.
  5. Its emissions time! need some help

    Alright so ive been procrastinating a tad (just got a new job). and Im 5 codes away from passing emissions. I have a 1997 2wd Ranger 2.3L 5 speed They are O2 heater malfunction (1&2) excessive egr flow bank 1 lean code 1443, i think thats something with the carbon canister. This is AFTER...
  6. 4.6L of fun!

    A fun ride home anyway, I think I was scraping my mudflaps over bumps.
  7. Good bye 60/40, hello center console

    Was poking around the junkyard and i found this center console in a ford taurus sho, and fully loaded mercury sable. I still need to go back and grab the shifter boot, and finish making the mounts. I wish it were gray, but black is better than tan.
  8. Revised Spark plug firing order mod?

    I stumbled across this web site with a lot of good info on lima 2.3 http://www.hotrodhigh.ca/2300Shockin.html I swapped the intake side spark plug wires as pictured, and i think i actually gained a few ponies. At WOT past 3k it seems to pull a little better. And it actually accelerates in 4th...
  9. Mpg mods?

    Whatre you all doing to get a few more mpgs? I know driving habit has a lot to do with it. I have 97 std cab shrt bed 2.3l 5 speed So far ive replaced: plugs, wires, IAC valve, home made cat back, intake muffler delete, new o2 sensors, new egr sensor. Ive upped my mileage from 19-20 mixed...
  10. Plasti dipped bumper plastic

    Found out about this stuff through one of my buddies. I was getting tired of the soggy gray bumper plastic so i tried this stuff out. Its the same stuff they dip tool handles in so im hoping itll be pretty durable Eventually ill do the front bumper plastic, door handles and tail gate handle.
  11. Msd 6AL on a 2.3L N/A

    Just wondering if anyone has put an msd 6al on a 2.3L, mine is bone stock but ive heard of stock f150 owners gaining a few mpgs with a msd box installed. Im half tempted to borrow the 6AL-2 out of my Lightning for a week and see if i get better gas mileage.
  12. Magnaflow muffler & roush exhaust tip pics

    I had a roush cat back for a 99-04 mustang laying around that i picked up dirt cheap, so i decided to put it on my ranger. It fit with a little cutting, eventually ill have my buddy weld it all up. Its a little louder than the stock muffler and doesnt sound ricey, under deceleration it kind of...

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