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  1. 1984 V-6 2.9 to 302 swap heads and cam??

    Hello... I have a 84 ranger which currently has the 2.9 carburated V-6. and the 5 speed manual transmission. I recently picked up a 302 (Throttle body injection) out of an 84 grand marquis , but it didn't come with a harness or computer so the plan is to convert back to 4 barrel carb, for the...
  2. Paint

    i just got an 84 ranger and its in really good shape body wise but could deffinantly use a new coat of paint.. im just curious if anyone could guide me in a cheaper route of what kind of paint and where to get it ? i have access to a full use paint booth and sanding bay.. i just need help with...
  3. New Guy

    Hello im new to this sight... have a lot of work to do on my ranger

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