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  1. TexCaliBII

    Replacement steering wheel ?

    Hello all, I recall seeing a replacement steering wheel out there for BIIs that kept cruise on the wheel but was a way better looking steering wheel. Now by BII has the interior from a 93 expo so I'm now looking for the same type of replacement for a 93 explorer? Anyone seen the type of wheel...
  2. TexCaliBII

    How do I get the banners above my avatar

    changed? I need the firefighter one dropped and Military Veteran changed to Retired Military.
  3. TexCaliBII

    Admin guys....

    Hey, I finally got back into TRS and see somehow I picked up a firefighter group tab. Umm, never been, nor will ever be a firefighter........
  4. TexCaliBII

    4.0 into an 84 BII?

    Anyone ever put a 4.0 into an 84 BII???? What can I say, I like a challenge. I'm doing one right now and since I had already done this wap in my 88 BII I thought this would be a failry quick thing, not so. Found out today the motor and trans mounts are different and I already tossed the old...
  5. TexCaliBII

    BII back hatch crack repair/reinforcement

    Detailed BII back hatch crack repair/reinforcement All, I have mentioned this repair several times but now have the pics to detail it. I got this hatch off Grimmity's 90 BII because it had the bosses for the flip out window and wiper taht I wanted. I'm adding heated glass too but this is...
  6. TexCaliBII

    90 rear hatch that has factory

    nut plates for a swing out rear window. I was greatly surprised to find the rear hatch in Grimmity's BII has the riveted in nut plates. They are diffinitley factory installed but have never had bolts in them. Wierd as ths truck has defrost and wiper factory as well. The window is fixed...
  7. TexCaliBII

    Squealing belt?

    Hey all, Anyone else have a problem with belt squeal on the 4.0 in a BII? I have so far replaced both idler pulleys, the tensioner assy 2 NAPA belts and now a Gates belt and the water pump. I thought I had it whipped with the Gates belt, nope since it got cold I'm getting the squeal at start...
  8. TexCaliBII

    Anyone else getting BAD milage w/ the 4.0?

    Guys, Not sure what the cause is and looking for help. My 4.0/5 speed runs like a spotted ape, whatever that really means..., but since the cold (-30 to -50F) really hit up here the gas milage has plumetted. I know driving in extended cold will decrease milage but yikes mine is truly terrible...
  9. TexCaliBII

    Anyone ever changed their user name?

    As I'm soon to relocate to to Texas I was wondering if it was possible to change my user name but keep all the posts I've done? Of course I can stay as AlaskaBII but it seems I should be something more in keeping with a Texas theme. Thanks if anyoine has info. Thanks!
  10. TexCaliBII

    Is it terminal?????

    Well, Here goes. I slid off the road this past Sunday, backwards at about 40 MPH. I went into the median ditch and hit on the right rear. Scared me but no harm done, or so I thought. I was able to drive right out but a couple miles later I arrived where I was headed and heard the right front...
  11. TexCaliBII

    Steering box rebuild

    Can anyone tell me how to get the worm and valve assy out of the vavle housing? I put my steering box in the parts washer whole thinking I would have no issue rebuilding it with the kit I got. Well, I now have cleaner/water in hte valve housing I annot get out no matter how much I blow...
  12. TexCaliBII

    Got afuel pump question for 4.0 guys

    When you guys converted to the 4.0 on a 86-88 BIIs what did you do for the fuel pump? I have an Explorer fuel pump in the tank and still have the rail pump on the BII side. I put the Ex pump/sending unit in to fix the fuel indication problem I had but now the truck just started bogging on me...
  13. TexCaliBII

    Fuel gauge issue

    Guys, Got a head scracther here. I put the 4.0/5 speed/dash and entire chassis harness from a 93 Explorer in to my 88 BII and it runs and drives great but the fuel gauge didn't work, always read empty. Discovered the BII and Ex sending units use different ohms ranges. So I ordered up a...
  14. TexCaliBII

    Fuel gauge question

    All, I have now put 2 different Explorer dashes in my 88 BII and on neither does the fuel gauge read. The fuel gauge was working before I started modding this truck. The first one I spliced into my existing harness for the fuel gauge and it did not work. Okay so I thought I had goofed. I...
  15. TexCaliBII

    Got her running!!

    I FINALLY get to drive my 88 BII!!!:icon_bounceblue: At least I drove it a while last night and took it to work today. I love that 4.0 and 5 speed!! And yes, I know.....:worthless: I'll get some recent pics uploaded tonight, after I change the serpentine belt as this used one is squeeling...
  16. TexCaliBII

    Elected retirement today!!!!

    Oh yeah, it's time. Will have 24 years and 5 days when it's all said and done though my last work day should be 1 Apr 2012. Just had to share!:yahoo::icon_bounceblue:
  17. TexCaliBII

    Issues installing an Aussie locker

    Anyone here had issues installing an Aussie XD-13527 locker in a D35? No matter what I cannot get the measurement to come into spec. I had to grind a bit on the carrier window to get the parts in. The first measurement is between the cross pin and the center and I am at the low side with...
  18. TexCaliBII

    Anyone ever put Toyota rear springs in a BII?

    All, I’m looking at options to soften the ride quality on my 87BII that I just lifted. To get it level from the back I have explorer leafs, Belltech 6400 shackles and 4 1/2" blocks. I really want to have it all by springs and not the cobbled way I have it. I was hoping the shackles would give...
  19. TexCaliBII

    94 Ranger w/ odd symptoms

    All, I'm trying to T/S a 94 Ranger for a friend of a friend kind of thing. I test drove it and it makes a grinding/spinning sound then bucks but continues forward. I parked it and made some initial checks. I can move the rear driveshaft back and forth with a clunk/clang sound. The u-joints...
  20. TexCaliBII

    I got my locker!!!!!!!

    Woohoo I finally got a locker:icon_bounceblue: Thanks to Captain Ledd I will soon be locked front/rear! Here she is, and her new home to be:yahoo:

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