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  1. racinranger

    Gun porn!! remington 700 VTR limited

    I picked up my new remington model 700 VTR in .308 cal with limited run digital desert camo stock. I've put deadnutz scope base/ring kit on the rifle and a New Nikon Nikoplex 3x9 40mm scope on top. I havent shot it yet but im definitly chompin at the bit to sight it in at the range:headbang:
  2. racinranger

    Who's got good bbq recipe's here? new smoker owner!!

    well my old lady bought me a smoker. its a simple water smoker made by webber. i wana make some i killer bbq now. traditionally we eastern boys go with the vinegar based sauce but i wana know what the country boys and the the guys from st.louis are doing if you dont mind sharing your recipe...
  3. racinranger

    My 08' FX4 at Stafford Fordge managment area

    Took the truck out to the Stafford Fordge Wildelife Managment area. Took my girl ice skating and parked the truck on the edge of the cranberry bog. YES the truck is on Ice, Yes i know its not safe, bla bla bla but it was 4 inches deep and frozen solid to the ground. I figured i'd be safe...
  4. racinranger

    08' FX4 LED tail light retrofit w/ trailer parts!

    Alright i been mulling this around a bit before so i decided to dive into and bought a set of knockoff aftermarket oem 08 headlamps scene here - you can also see the trailer replacement walmart 24$ led panels. I forgot to take pics of the lights before i hacked out the LED board. LED board...
  5. racinranger

    Petition Thrillcraft here!!!!

    I caught this over at pirate. This is a rejected group of tree hugging freek shows! http://www.stopthrillcraft.org/index.htm and here's the link to petition these tool bags from taking our land use rights! http://www.gopetition.com/online/24230.htm Show your suport here and sign the petition...
  6. racinranger

    My local PD is giving me problems with pistol permits

    Aight in NJ, and my local police department is giving me some shit with getting a pistol permit. I already got my FID and that took 6 months. They have a detective assigned to firearms and he's there 3 days a week mon-wed, well todays tuesday and he just "isnt there" i called his voicemail...
  7. racinranger

    Tough day at the Office!

    Long Beach island opened last week to beach buggy fishing in holgate. I went over today played some hooky and got myself a permit. Its early in the season waters warm for stripers but the blues are poundin the baitfish already. Here's the first pick of my 08 fx4 for TRS doin her thing daily...
  8. racinranger

    any interest in Dana 50 traction beam parts?

    i've got a couple sets of D50 traction beams out of 250's and 350's. I really dont have a use for them. there complete to the lockouts. Are they d60 parts from the spindles out? Can they be swapped onto d35 beams? they all have 4.11's in them and open carriers. I would be willing to part with...

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