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  1. BrooksK

    DIY 93-97 Fog Light Brackets

    I made a comment in another thread that I made my own fog light mounts/brackets. A few people were interested to know how I did it. I used aluminum angle stock. The bumper has existing bolts near the fog light location. You can see where the existing bolt is in my picture. I drilled for that...
  2. BrooksK

    How to wire aftermarket fogs to turn on with the high beams?

    My 1996 Ranger did not come with fog lights. I have read that some people have found the wiring for the fog lights tucked up under the truck. Mine does not have it. I got an OEM fog light valance and put it on. I made my own mount brackets out of angle iron and mounted up some led fog lights in...
  3. BrooksK

    Hello and thank you all for the help!

    I am a little slow to the intro post, but here it is. I'm happy that I found an active Ranger board. This is my 1996 Ranger (2WD 2.3 5spd) that I have had for 25 years. It recently hit 400,000 miles and I have decided to restore it with no plans of ever selling it. I'm happy to meet everyone...
  4. BrooksK

    Showing my new Sunvisors

    My sun visors were pretty trashed, so I got new ones from Acme Auto. I thought I would post here to show what they look like compared to the OEM visors in case anyone else was considering them. The pictures shown on rock auto and other places do not really show much detail, other than you know...
  5. BrooksK

    How to get the rod out of the sun visors?

    I have new sun visors, but they didn't come with the rod in them. How do I get the rod out of my old sun visors? I tried pulling on it, but with the amount of force required, I wonder if this is the correct way. Thank you.
  6. BrooksK

    Wire connectors for dome light broke. How to fix?

    I am redoing the headliner in my '96. As I started to unscrew the screws for the dome light, it sounded like sand grinding as the screw turned. When I lowered the dome light, the black plastic for this wire connector just crumbled apart. If you look close, you can see that the other one is...
  7. BrooksK

    Is cutting the only way?

    I am redoing all of the interior in my '96 Ranger. I'm trying to get the seat belts out to replace them. This bolt has me at a stand still. The nut backed off about 2 threads and then the bolt just started spinning. I dismantled as much as I could, even took it out of the height adjustment...

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