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  1. RangerRyan88

    Making B3000 corner light into turn signal?

    Hope this is in the right place, here's what I'm trying to do- I'm looking to build a front bumper for my Mazda, totally replacing the factory bumper. But I realized the only front turn signals I have are IN the bumper, and the corner lights are only running lights, UNlike the Ranger. I already...
  2. RangerRyan88

    At my wit's end with camber bushings please help me out..

    Ok here's the deal.. I've had my B3000 for several months now, a couple months ago I did a leveling kit in the front (I have a thread and vid about it) and I put in the adjustable camber bushings from NAPA. Now my PROBLEM is that the little bastards will not stay in despite my best efforts. I've...
  3. RangerRyan88

    Rear-End/Whole truck shimmy/shake

    Alright guys, I need some help I am really confused. First off, what I'm working with- 1996 Mazda B3000 Ext. cab 2WD 2" leveling spacers on the front. Haven't touched the rear-end. I parked my truck about 2 days ago, and everything was fine. No shakes, rattles, or shimmies. Today I get in my...
  4. RangerRyan88

    Some info on leveling a TIB and shocks

    So I just got done putting in my washer-spacer lift like what's in the tech library, with some of my own modifications from it and thought I would share some things I found out in the process. First off, the article suggests only going about 3/4" tall with the stack since that's as much as the...
  5. RangerRyan88

    Dreaming Pre-runner

    Hey all, just joined the site today from Southern Cali with a 96 B3000xcab 2WD! She's begging for long-travel but I got a lot of learning to do before that so I'll be rocking a bent-beam lift in the near future :icon_thumby: Ummm truck is stock besides an exhaust and some bigger tires.. I know...

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