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  1. lil'_big_truck

    misfire 4th gear, 65mph, full throttle

    Hey all, I'm having trouble with a misfire with my ranger. I had posted about it earlier but I'm still struggling to diagnose it. here's when it typically happens: accelerating to highway speed 4th gear (manual trans) full throttle sometimes after shifting to 5th and load decreases engine...
  2. lil'_big_truck

    Back in theSaddle!

    Hey all! Long time, not post! (probably 5-6 years!) I've been rotating through daily drivers for a while after having sold my '97 stepside 4x4 and have landed once again in a Ranger! I have been looking for a new daily for the past 3-4 months as a way to reduce debt (eliminating car loan) to...
  3. lil'_big_truck

    first drive of spring!

    Hey all, As most of you know, I've been working on a 76 baja bug for a while now and I got to take it out today for the first time in a long time. :headbang: I had to do some problem solving first though. Turns out, when you have a car that sits almost all winter, the fuel goes bad :annoyed...
  4. lil'_big_truck

    Got a new Toy.....ota

    hey all, It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just picked up a 97 FJ-80 Land Cruiser for a steal :yahoo:. It's got locking front and rear diffs, leather interior, power everything, 3rd row fold up seats, and a few minor problems (blown speaker, small gas tank leak, electrical...
  5. lil'_big_truck

    Towing a beetle

    Hey all, So some friends and I are starting to plan a summer trip to silverlake so bomb around the dunes and whatnot. What I was wondering was would my truck (97 3.0 4x4 w/ class 3 hitch) be able to tow my baja bug(~1600lbs) on a car trailer? I've flat towed it and used a dolly before but...
  6. lil'_big_truck

    VW Baja Update

    all, I've done a few things since my last update. Most noteably of which, I painted the wheels black a la Cvar. At this point the car is pretty much finished. :yahoo: All that's left is to repair a worn shift rod bushing, put in a radio, and reupholster the seats. That'll probably happen...
  7. lil'_big_truck

    speedo just quit

    Hey all, So I went on vacation recently (for about 4 days( and when I got back, my speedometer wasn't working. It wasn't behaving oddly before the trip. It just read 0 when I started driving it today. any ideas? It's a 97 4x4 :icon_confused:
  8. lil'_big_truck

    Took the bug to the strip

    Hey all, It's been a while. I've been finishing up the beetle and this weekend, my friends wanted to go to the drag strip. I figured what teh hell and went. The bug did pretty well for a 37 year old beetle. It ran a 18.568s 1/4 mile with a top speed of 73.12mph. It felt a lot faster than...
  9. lil'_big_truck

    It lives!!!!

    hey all, For all that haven't been following my build thread, I've been building a '76 baja bug. Just thought I'd share the first video of it running and driving! :yahoo: It's really quick but that part isn't in the video. The transmission is making a lot of noise, which I think is probably...
  10. lil'_big_truck

    Interesting night in the woods

    So this Saturday I went out to a friends farm and rode around with a bunch of quads. Did some water crossings and rescued the quads. Then on one unfortunate quad rescue, the truck slid sideways into the mudhole it had just pulled a quad from. It proceeded to sink 30" into the muck. 3 quads...
  11. lil'_big_truck

    Found this, What do you think?

    hey all, So cruising around today something caught my eye. I found a 1972 IH Scout II for sale. The owner wants $4900 for it. I was wondering what everyone thought was a fair price to pay for it. The body is in good shape except for the typical rust in the corners. The frame has a lot of...
  12. lil'_big_truck

    more off roading and a small jump

    here are the pics from today. mainly just trailblazing with a small jump I found. in the thicket: http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc513/jschig/?action=view&current=IMG_3629.mp4 the jump :headbang: http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc513/jschig/?action=view&current=jump.mp4
  13. lil'_big_truck

    Big Rock Off Road

    Anybody ever been there / want to go there? Its in Maysville Kentucky and looks sweet. I've never been trail riding and want to try my hand at it but I don't know anybody near me who has a 4x4 that would want to go. Anybody here up for it sometime before the end of October...
  14. lil'_big_truck

    a little off-roading

    hey all, So here in southern Ohio It rained for a day or so for the first time in a long time. Co I decided to do a bit of wheeling. Wasn't the sloshiest mud but it was still fun. And somehow I managed to put a hole in the side of a kevlar reinforced tire. haha. its a good thing I had the...
  15. lil'_big_truck

    The ranger's getting old

    hey all, just a short blurb. My ranger hit the 150,000mi mark yesterday. It's been good so far, hopefully it can make it another 150. :icon_cheers: Just thought'd i'd brag about it making it this far
  16. lil'_big_truck

    New Tires!!!

    hey all, So my tires were getting worn out and then the other day, I hit something and it took a good sized chunk out of one of my tires. So I had to replace them. I was waiting until winter but oh well. anyway, here are the pics: damaged tire: new tires: I love that new tire smell :D
  17. lil'_big_truck

    VW electrical problem

    hey all, I know my bug isn't a ranger but i figured you guys could still help me diagnose a problem with it. So the other day I hopped in it and tried to start it up and nothing happened besides the starter motor turning. I tried to push start it and it still wouldn't start. not even a cough...
  18. lil'_big_truck

    Big Orange Bug

    Hey all, here is my 1976 Baja Bug with a 68 motor. I'm restoring it mechanically. I picked it up for only $1200! :yahoo: Its frame and body are solid with only minor rust on the floor and body (considering its age and the fact that its been in Michigan and Ohio its whole life). I need to...
  19. lil'_big_truck

    New project vehicle!!!

    Hey all, So I just got my hands on a new project vehicle.... a 1976 Baja Bug!!!! :yahoo: (this was one of the vehicles on my "cars to own before I die" list) It only has minor engine problems (worn out generator, exhaust leak) and is solid except for a bit of rust in the floor boards. I'm...
  20. lil'_big_truck

    ture dual and a cat

    Hey all, I was wondering, is it a good idea to cut off my cat and make my truck a true dual exhaust truck? Does anyone know the pros / cons? :icon_confused: I'm also in a state that doesn't have emissions tests. -Thanks

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