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  1. neinnein_nein

    1st gen bench fastener specs

    Anybody memorize them off the top of their head? i need to go get a truck that doesn’t have the bench attached and I wanted to pick them up beforehand. I know there’s 4 of them.. Think I read 10mm somewhere?
  2. neinnein_nein

    best steering shaft extension/replacement?

    has anyone replaced the steering shaft on their 1st gen? I need something longer to make up for a body lift, right now it's just barely connecting with the upper shaft. There seems to be a lot of stuff out there. Borgeson seems to make ones that go from rag joint to u joint but which one do I get?
  3. neinnein_nein

    Electrical problem after fuel pump install

    I think this will make sense to some of you guys who know more about electricity, it doesn’t to me although I just spent a whole day trying: Engine off, fully charged battery with clean terminals reads 12.7v, kc hilites and headlights work. if I turn ignition key to run or crank, it doesn’t...
  4. neinnein_nein

    1st gen steering column after 3inch lift— not long enough despite extension?

    I put in the 3inch body lift from Jeff bronco graveyard while doing a swap, put in the extension and the car hasn’t moved since because I’m still working on the engine, but as of now it’s 2 inches short. you guys know if there’s a way to pull on the upper shaft? It ends at the brake booster...
  5. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('83-'97) Efi spark timing way off

    I have gas pressure and gas, the vacuum jumps from 0-6 during cranking at the brake booster line But I don’t have spark WHILE cranking, only when I stop cranking. Occasionally that spark will cause a little knock because it’s trying to fire up but it’s always too little too late. Pardon my...
  6. neinnein_nein

    Wanted WTB: AC air box and ac compressor manifold for a 83-89 ranger

    in case anybody's got an airbox that fits an AC evap for 1st gen.. it's the last thing i need to complete the ac system. have lots of lima 2.0 and 2.3 parts to throw in if that's of interest too.. located in new york city.
  7. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('83-'97) Power to fuel pump

    Just converted to EFI (Lima 2.0 to 88 turbo coupe 2.3) and I don’t have power to the fuel pump while cranking, which I think is the reason it doesn’t start. it’s a walbro inline 255lph mounted on the frame, it builds pressure, doesn’t leak, and it gets 12v to prime when I turn the key in run...
  8. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('02-'11) stupid clutch question

    Embarrassed to post such a basic question.. looks like the olde brain doesn’t have the required juice for this one after soldering for like 12 hours. I put a T5 and a tc engine in my truck—the master cylinder is in, I hooked up a 40ml reservoir filled with brake fluid above master cylinder...
  9. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('83-'97) 1984 clutch hydraulic fluid reservoir

    Hey guys I’m swapping a 2.3 turbo coupe into a 84 ranger 2.0 (converting to manual T5 tranny..) and the master clutch cylinder I installed today, which bolted perfectly and hooked up to the pedal perfectly, doesn’t have a reservoir. Instead it has a plug for a hose. Can i just use a small...
  10. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('83-'97) Drive shaft for a T5 non-world class transmission?

    I‘m dropping a 88 turbo coupe 2.3 mated to a T5 in my 1984 2.0 automatic and the driveshaft sleeve doesn’t fit the tranny output shaft. Plus since the transmission case is a little longer it looks like the driveshaft would be too long. Should I just get a yoke that fit the transmission and mount...
  11. neinnein_nein

    For Sale 1993 mustang 2.3 engine (w coil packs) mated to a a4ld transmission

    New York city/Brooklyn: entire 1993 mustang lx engine still mated to a a4ld transmission that looks like it was recently rebuilt. I've seen the thing run when it was still in a mustang and it was very smooth. it's pretty clean, will post pics when i get to my computer. I won't be using it...
  12. neinnein_nein

    2.3L ('83-'97) turbo swap AC question

    hey guys, I'm still building a thunderbird 2.3 turbo engine to swap into my 2.0 and now comes the time when I'm wondering if I can finally have AC in my truck. the current status is a sentence on the fan shroud that says "cooling system not equipped for AC" but since I'm changing basically...
  13. neinnein_nein

    2.0L ('83-'88) Intense fumes from catalytic converter, absence of oil

    After not having that problem at all, my 2.0 engine is mysteriously losing oil very fast and after warming up, it looks like thick fumes emanating from the cat. I’m swapping a turbo coupe engine into it as soon as my new harness arrives in the mail (12 days from now?) but in the meantime, this...
  14. neinnein_nein

    Ok, turbo coupe 88 ——>84 ranger 2.0

    I was waiting to have “good photos” but I‘m getting impatient, and I could use some advice, and who cares! So I’ve been refreshing and cleaning this 88 TC engine in a friends driveway–disassembled everything, cleaned the block and head, cleaned+rerung pistons, cleaned valves, ported to the best...
  15. neinnein_nein

    Two 2.3’s walk into a bar...

    To make a long story short I accidentally picked up two (2) engine+trans combos in the past 3 days: This guy 2.3 from a 93 mustang, not turbo, was running until recently, looks good, electronic ignition, came with the computer, it has the 8 spark plug setup and a 4-speed auto (I think it’s a...
  16. neinnein_nein

    Planning a 2.0 to 2.9 swap in my 1984 2wd, auto trans

    for some reason I'm not finding a thread where someone attempted this, any famous ones that come to mind? planning to swap my auto trans to a manual fm146, and I wanna read up as much as possible on before I start woking--it's my daily driver! current engine is 2.0L 4-banger, no AC, didn't...
  17. neinnein_nein

    1984 2wd lift opinion

    hey guys, I've been thinking of lifting for a while and it seems like this spring is where it's going to happen. It's the only thing I drive and I live in the city so I have to kind of go rogue and just do it on the street, but i can run a power line and have a compressor for air tools, etc. I...
  18. neinnein_nein

    free manual steering gear box in New York

    I‘be been meaning to post this for a long time. I might have lost some of the bolts, have to check, but a completely fine gearbox with steering shaft up for grabs. dm me..
  19. neinnein_nein

    1984 2WD pitman arm vs 4WD pitman arm

    good evening nerds, I didn't think about this very much when I did it but I swapped the steering box on my 1984 2.0L 2WD last week, from manual to power steering (while adding power steering..) and I used the pitman arm that came with the donor ps steering box truck, slightly longer than the old...
  20. neinnein_nein

    post ps conversion chaos

    Just added power steering to a 84 carbed 2.0 that didn’t have it before and it’s gonna be awesome.. once the truck starts, but for now this : the engine cranks ultra slowly when I turn the key, complete slow motion grinding halt, obviously doesn’t turn over. It’s not the battery, the starter is...

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