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  1. Byrd

    2001 Front Wheel Bearings?

    Ok, so... Here’s the deal. My 01 4x4 Ranger developed a nice bearing sounding grind on the passenger side (Typical grinding when moving, changing pitch with speed and getting louder when I turn left and put the weight of the truck mainly on that wheel and faint when turning right, relieving...
  2. Byrd

    Floor Mats - Where to find them?

    Ok, so my little grey 91 ranger has had a face-lift so to speak. Been busy doing some door panel modding, some bucket seat crafting, and some rear window latch adding. Now all I need are some Floor mats to match! Question is, where to find ones that are the correct color (the Ford...
  3. Byrd

    Seat Mouting Brackets: Where To Find Them?!

    Well, the seats in my 91 std cab Ranger are junk, as are the passenger side mounting brackets, so I go the the local yard and just by luck find a 90 or 92 std cab ranger with perfect seats. I ran out of there with new seats for $28. Happy as hell till I got them home and tried to replace my old...
  4. Byrd

    Grill Swap, Will it FIT?!?!?!

    Hello All, I'm looking to put a 01-03 Honeycomb Grill into something older. (96 - 00) I have a hunch that It might, I just have to change the inner body steel that all the lights and things bolt up to. But if not, that would be even cooler! So, if anyone could tell me what years, if any, that...
  5. Byrd

    Will It FIT?!?!

    Just had my DD stolen (Honda Civic, go figure) and wouldn't you know it I had just picked up my newly reworked 2.3 head from the shop a day and a half before It got jacked! Bah. Sob Story aside, I just got a handle on a 2.3L motor out of a 96 Ranger with 69k on the clock. I need to know If it...
  6. Byrd

    Is It Real?

    Did Ford ever make an exteded cab/super cab Ranger with the 2.3L/D 5-speed in it? Been trying to find one but I can't seem to. Particularly interested in 2001 or newer trucks. Anyone got any insight? -Byrd
  7. Byrd

    Bench In a 2003 Ranger

    Quick question. I have someone that is looking to do what most of us like to do but in reverse. They want to take their buckets out and put a straight, full length bench in. Now, as far as I know, Ford stopped putting benchs in rangers after the 92 body style. Are the holes still the same as...
  8. Byrd

    Rebuild It!

    So, you have a blown head gasket... Who do you go to for the most complete, most feesable rebuild kit just incase once you get all the way down you find a piston that wiggles too much? I found a felpro one for $115.00 and Esslinger but that doesnt come with the rings and bearings. or valve...
  9. Byrd

    Will they Fit?

    Hey, I recently picked up a 1991 Ranger short bed 2x4. Will Chrome Cobra R rims(5 lug), 18X9.5 wheels fit on it without any issues or will I have to do some convincing? Also, whats the largest and widest tires that sould be concidered? I'm planning on doing a 3/4 drop on it in the future...
  10. Byrd

    To Buy or Not to Buy

    Ok so heres the deal, found a nice looking 91 Ford Ranger xlt 500 bucks is what I'd give him, guy says only bad thing is blown head gasket. Now granted, I havn't been out there to see if there are chunks missing out of the head or if it is just an old blown gasket so I cant say if its going to...

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