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  1. Mike92STX

    Temperature sensors leaking

    I have a aluminum thermostat housing and I noticed coolant on the housing. I thought the bypass hose was bad, so I just replaced that and now it looks like the sensors are leaking. The housing is only a few months old so I'm wondering is there a fix or do I have to replace the sensors?
  2. Mike92STX

    Ranger Flare side/ step side bed dimension .

    I have a 2004 Ranger FX4 extended cab with a step side bed and I was wondering if all the step side/ flare side have the same dimensions and are they mounted the same? Because the outer fenders are plastic or fiberglass I was thinking I might be able to find a bed that isn't rusted in the bottom...
  3. Mike92STX

    What brand and weight oil do you use?

    I'm going to put a remanufactered motor in my 04 FX4. I used to like Penzoil but I have heard some questionable things about it so I decided to switch and can't decide which one to try. They require regular oil fir the break in so I can't use synthetic. I had a bad experience with synthetic oil...
  4. Mike92STX

    Exhaust Manifold Studs

    Can someone tell me the size of the exhaust manifold studs on a 04 Ranger with 4.0 V6. The Dorman part number is 03129 says 12mm - 1.75x 62mm. I thought I could get the part number and size from a Ford web site but the ones I tried were real stupid. I put in what truck I have and give parts for...
  5. Mike92STX

    Clutch Pedal to Idler Shaft Bushing Replacement

    Has anyone done this on their Ranger? It's in the tech section. I'm thinking about it because I replaced the bushing and it still is loose. If you have done this, what year truck because the repair was done on a 1990 Ranger and I have a 2004 are they the same?
  6. Mike92STX

    Do I need to replace cam chain adjuster ?

    I have a rattle when it warms up. 04 FX4 with 246000 miles. I've owned it for a little over a year, it had 244000 miles on it when I bought it. I read that when the cam chain tensioner is going bad it causes a rattle sound. Well I have a video with sound but I can't figure out how to download...
  7. Mike92STX

    Amp location

    Is this the amp on my 04 Fx4 ? I want to install a cheap subwoofer and according to schematic it has a amp. All I need is a place to tie in to a speaker wire and figured it is supposed to have a amp so that would be the best place.
  8. Mike92STX

    2004 FX4 with 4.0 AC compressor clutch making noise at start up.

    I have a 04 Ranger FX4 with a 4.0 and when I start it and turn on air conditioning it makes a grinding sound. The clutch on the compressor has some rust dust on it so I'm thinking the clutch is going bad. My question is can I replace the clutch without take the compressor off the motor? I also...
  9. Mike92STX

    Ignition Switch won't go back to power up radio?

    I got a 2004 FX4 and when I try to turn the key back to listen to the radio it doesn't work. The only way I can get it to get power to the radio is turn the key to the run position and that turns all the start up lights on the dash on. I don't think it's normal but I don't know much?
  10. Mike92STX

    Third Brake Light

    I just got a 04 FX4 and the third brake light is leaking, after ordering a new gasket on ebay and getting the wrong one I decided to get a new after market brake light with LED lights. My question is the truck didn't have the bed light and the new comes with it has anyone wired a bed light on a...
  11. Mike92STX

    92 Ranger STX Project Sold 3/13/2020

    I have a 92 STX with a lot of body rust, I have 2 cab corners and 1 door jamb but don't have a welder. It has a 4.0 that runs strong but it has a valve cover leak. The truck has a 2 inch body lift and a 6 inch frame lift. I replaced the old 327 differentials with some from a JY 93 ranger 373...
  12. Mike92STX

    99 Ranger with a siezed motor

    I am getting a 99 Ranger 3.0 with a seized motor. Are there any parts that are interchangeable with my 92. Both are 4wd, mine is standard transmission and the 99 is automatic. The body is in real good shape but the frame behind the driver side rear wheel has had a piece of angle iron welded to...
  13. Mike92STX

    Transfer case flange

    Can anyone tell me the Spicer part number for the flange on the back of the transfer case to the drive shaft. The holes in mine are worn so I can push the bearing cups out almost by hand? I have a 92 STX 4.0 5 speed and the flange is smaller than the one on the differential. If spicer doesn't...
  14. Mike92STX

    Key won't go in!

    The other day I went to move my truck and I couldn't get the key to go in the ignition. I tried moving it around and eventually it went in. The next day I had the same problem so I looked in the ignition and I could see a piece of brass in the way so I used a small screw driver and was able to...
  15. Mike92STX

    Has Anybody Seen this?

    I got this in a email from a friend of mine, it looks like this guy is getting SCREWED!!! http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/a-shop-is-charging-this-guy-48-000-for-towing-his-old-1739057724
  16. Mike92STX

    Heater Problem

    On the wifes 94 Explorer 4.0 it blows warm air but it doesn' get hot. I'm thinking it is a sticky thermostat but I'm looking for other ideas from some people that knoe more than I do. I had it running with the air blowing as warm as it gets and when I move the temp adjustment to cold it gets...
  17. Mike92STX

    Tire clearance

    I'm tired of checking and replacing wheel bearings. I bought the truck with 6" of frame lift 2or 3 " of body lift, cutout fenders with flares. I have 35x12.5x15 BFG KM2s the wheels are 15x8 and I measured the back space last week to be 3.5. It also has 2.5" spacers. I asked a tire and wheel...
  18. Mike92STX

    Drive Shaft Question

    I bought my truck with I think a 6 inch lift on it . I have a vibration that I think is the drive shaft. I'm going to try the hose clamp balance tomorrow and if it helps have it balanced by a shop. My question is with the lift does the drive shaft have to be longer than stock, I know it is at...
  19. Mike92STX

    Something Broke

    I down shifted Saturday and when i let out the clutch it made a noise like gears not meshing together. If I take it easy I can move the truck but as soon as the RPM goes up a little it slips and grinds. Trans was rebuilt from a member From TRS clutch is about 5 years old but I had 327 gears with...

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