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  1. sparkdic

    Painting my 97 ex-cab

    Well I've had my 97 ex-cab for a few years now and its gone through various stages and now finally its seeing real paint. I'll tell u the tale as a we make out way through the pictures that will show the story... The Begining, Oct 05 when I bought it... [/IMG] Before I drove it a swapped some...
  2. sparkdic

    Which paint scheme?

    So I've finally got my Ranger in my shop since I've been so busy with customers stuff and I've got enough paint to do a few different things on it. Its getting really close to paint here and I'll I have decided is the truck is going back black but since I own a business doing custom paint I...
  3. sparkdic

    Last Weekend for Fireball

    Hey fellas, this is the last weekend for Fireball Trucknite this season. Seems its not in the cards for a Halloween show this year so Saturday will be the last hoorahh for Fireball at 82 as next year will be at a new location. SO anyone who can make it should try, its alot of fun (even in the...

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