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  1. Bracket racer

    Looking for a name

    I know it’s in the wrong forum, but there’s not a lot of people over on the bronco forum yet. Bronco sport badlands in cyber orange, wife said “Baby” as in baby bronco or “cmon baby, you can make it” but I’m not convinced. Any other idea’s?? Mod: delete this if it’s not allowed
  2. Bracket racer

    Bronco or bronco sport column??

    Question for the admin here. Any chance of having a forum for bronco sports here? I know about bronco6g or whatever it’s called but I’ve been here a while and I like this forum and how it’s run.(better than the 6g forum layout) Thanks
  3. Bracket racer

    06 ranger build “Boots”

    Finally starting this thread! Picked up a 06 ranger for basically nothing (gallon of shine) it was a daily driver until the tranny blew(auto). It sat for 3 years tore apart because the carpenter who owned it knew how to take stuff apart but not put back together. Then someone offered him good...
  4. Bracket racer

    Name my You tube channel??

    Just wondering if I can put out my YouTube channel name here somewhere. It’s about off roading with my ranger and the wife’s explorer.(as well as friends dodge, etc) Travelling on fire roads and trails, bonfires and cooking in the woods... Yay, nay? I know others on here who have channels as well.
  5. Bracket racer

    Windshield question

    Need a windshield for my 91 (the donkey) and rangers are getting limited in my area. What other years are comparable? I called speedy glass and he “thinks” 90-97 are the same and 98 they changed, is this right? There are a couple of 94-96’s in the junkyard but before I buy one I want to make...
  6. Bracket racer

    91 ranger wiring issue

    Rolled my 91 ranger and now the dash lights work until I turn the heater on. Then the dash lights go out and the high beam indicator comes on as does the blinker light indicators. Turn the heater off and it seems to “reset”, dash lights/headlights all come on and work. Hit the heater, back to no...
  7. Bracket racer

    4L bellhousing question

    Is there anything else that has the same bellhousing as a 4L? Did a search and can’t find anything conclusive.
  8. Bracket racer

    D35 compared to 44 strength

    I’ve got a d35 in my 91 ranger with 35x12.5x15’s. I did the c clip eliminator mod, put in 760 u joints and ground the axles and replaced the joint c clips with snap rings. Breaking axles... constantly. Yes I abuse this thing, but I need it to withstand my abuse. I have a complete d44 ttb but is...
  9. Bracket racer

    Ranger and f150 t/case interchange?

    I have a 1354 in my 91 ranger which is 2.44 low range(I think) and I have a t/case from a 93 f150 (2.69) and wondering if I can swap them? Will the spline etc fit? I know flange compared to slip joint etc, just curious if the t/case will bolt to my 5spd.
  10. Bracket racer

    TTB length comparison

    Ok, I might be right out to lunch...however. I got a ttb 150 for the outer knuckles to do the swap onto my 91 ranger, however I was looking at shortcuts (of course lol) and thinking, since people weld on the arms to plate or gusset the weak points, why not just cut the complete 150 arm down to...
  11. Bracket racer

    Driveshaft timing question

    I pulled the driveshaft out of my 91 ranger to change a u joint. When it was apart on the bench I noticed the driveshaft is not timed correctly. It appears to never have been apart, is this normal.
  12. Bracket racer

    The "Donkey" build/rebuild

    So I picked up a 91 ranger a while back and mentioned it here. I even added some off road pictures. However...since then I did a 10ft vertical drop while climbing and broke the frame. So..well, picture say more than words...
  13. Bracket racer

    Fuel pressure issue, missing when wot.

    Out wheeling the other night and shut off for 20 minutes or so. Went to start and it rolled over like it was flooded, caught on a couple cyl's and puttered for a minute then finally revved up but was skipping bad. Idled fine, light throttle it would rev to 4500. Stomp it and it was like shutting...
  14. Bracket racer

    Daytime running lights

    So, 91 ranger xlt, how do I turn off or disconnect the daytime running lights? I thought there would be a fuse or relay but all I found was the headlight fuse.
  15. Bracket racer

    Help name my mud truck

    So. I picked up a 91 ranger just to cruise the powerline and play in the mud. After lots of work (only paid a couple hundred for it) I am ready to take it to a poker run/mud run this coming weekend. I was going to name it Oscar the grouch because there was so much garbage left in it, it looked...
  16. Bracket racer

    91 ranger hub nuts??

    I have a 91 4x4 and pulled the hubs off to replace bearings, etc. Somehow...I'm missing two nuts! I set them somewhere but can't find them. So, need to go to a junk yard, which ones will fit? what year is the same and does it have to be manual hubs? (Mine are manual) I have craft disease, Can't...
  17. Bracket racer

    G'day from Nova Scotia, Canada!

    I'm a tank mechanic in the army and an avid drag racer. Built vw dune buggies as a kid in the 70's but have been a die hard Ford guy forever. Built lots of mud trucks and ran stock cars over the years. Never had a ranger but had 4 early bronco's. Wife is pissy because I'm gone to the track all...
  18. Bracket racer

    Purchasing question

    So, I can get a 2003 ranger 4x4 auto ext cab for $1200(1000 maybe) Or 1996 ranger auto 4x4 with a broke clutch pedal and a 1994 ranger 2x4 for $800. Thoughts? Off roading only. Dana28 vs 35 7.5 vs 8.8 Two vs one? To play in the mud?
  19. Bracket racer

    Hey all, drag racer here...

    I run a fox body (everything from 302 to 460) and my kid ran a junior dragster. This year he's old enough to run a big car and wants a ranger. 4cyl this year and then maybe a 302/c4 combo or a 460/c6 depending on how it goes. Anyway, posted a couple of questions in the 4cyl forum and now intro
  20. Bracket racer

    Peak rpm

    New guy here, picking up a 4cyl ranger for my kid to drag race. What rpm do these 4cyl "nose over" (stop making power) yes it will rev to 7000 or whatever, but where does it stop pulling hard? I'm guessing 5000 or so? Also, what year did the fly by wire throttle cable start, I'd like to avoid...

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