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  1. Pilot Laslo

    Spindle lift road noise

    Hello I purchased a 4” spindle lift for my 02 coil ranger lift part number 703030B https://maxtracstore.com/2001-2009-f...xtrac-703030b/ After installing on test drive I get a loud road noise (roaring) like a bad wheel bearing, I replaced all wheel bearings and still have the sound I put the...
  2. Pilot Laslo

    bumper mount hitch

    Has anyone installed a bumper mount trailer hitch receiver? I'd like to install the hitch that mounts to the frame but dont like how it hangs down so low, (makes truck look lower) I purchased this from HF https://www.harborfreight.com/3500-lb-step-bumper-receiver-69673.html but its way to big to...
  3. Pilot Laslo

    ABS light after new brakes

    Hello, I had to replace a stripped lug bolt so i removed the front left rotor, I cleanned the ABS ring and reninstalled the rotor. Next I replaced the brake shoes in the rear and the left rear axle My abs light has came on, drives perfect no issues braking. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks
  4. Pilot Laslo

    Rear drum brakes not working?

    Hello I am in the process of replacing rear axle shaft and went ahead and replaced drum shoe pads and 1 new brake cylinder on driver side rear Brakes bleed fine But when i went to hold the pedal down while car was jacked up the niether of the rear brakes expanded at all or hold the wheel, Is...
  5. Pilot Laslo

    Put in park with wheels spinning

    Hello, My differential is bent where wheel connects, so i had car jacked up and had engine idling in drive. Anyways without thinking i put the trans in park and it squealed, DO you think my transmission will be ok? Thanks
  6. Pilot Laslo

    Tailgate lock

    Hello, Just got a rollup bed cover and would like to make a lock for the tailgate now. Has anybody made a simple one? Dont want to spend $60 on a pop-a-lock Thanks
  7. Pilot Laslo

    Ford Ranger Tail Gate Assist DIY

    Hello I have been searching for a tailgate suspension for a Ford Ranger, with no luck, below I will describe how i made one for my 2002 Ford Ranger. Original Poster: Pilot Laslo Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: 1 Hour Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff...
  8. Pilot Laslo

    P0174 code and very rough idle

    Hello As of this morning the engine ran very rough at idle and at 1500 rpm I scanned it and got p0174 (lean mixture) Any advice on where to look would be great. Also I do have the code p1336 (camshaft position) but it’s been like that ever since I’ve got it and it went away till just recently...
  9. Pilot Laslo

    Door Ajar Inop

    Hello My driver side door ajar sensor is inoperative. whenever i open the door the dome light is NOT turned on, and no door ajar light on the dash. Occasionally if i do not close the door firmly and the door slightly opens and closes the ajar light will come on and dome light lights as well. Any...
  10. Pilot Laslo

    Overdrive INOP

    Hello My overdrive button doesn't work, whenever i press it the O/D light does not illuminate. I have checked with multi meter and the button does work correctly. Any suggestions of where to check next? Thanks
  11. Pilot Laslo

    Wiring addition hazard light switch?

    Hello I have a 2002 Ford Ranger I have installed strobes on the ranger for when driving around airport taxiways. I would like to wire the hazards to turn on and off with my toggle switch I use for the strobes so that the strobes and hazards will be illuminated via a single switch and not have...
  12. Pilot Laslo

    Sagging Bumper

    Hello my rangers front bumpers sag has seemed to increase over time and now its pretty bad. I cannot find any up and down adjustment slots in the frame to bumper mounts. I will attach photos below Any ideas of how to fix it? Thank you in advanced 2002 Ford Ranger

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