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  1. ireallydontcare

    2.3L ('83-'97) 92 2.3 having some problems.

    Howdy everyone. Recently bought a 92 5 speed with a 2.3. I bought it non running and all it needed was the eec relay. It seems to be kinda down on power, and I'm getting terrible gas mileage, 16. The CEL has been on since I've gotten it running. Codes are (KOER) 116 - ECT out of range 172 -...
  2. ireallydontcare

    2.3L ('83-'97) 97 2.3 5 speed lurches when taking off in gear and when under load

    Howdy yall, got an issue with my Ranger. So, when taking off in first, it'll act fine for a second but when I start to get going, the thing acts like I put my foot down even more, when in reality I left the pedal at a steady position. It'll even drive forward with no throttle input after it...
  3. ireallydontcare

    Hit a deer

    Well y'all I hit a deer in my 97 tonight. The truck took it like a champ. I was probably going about 60 when I hit it. My main concern is the frame. I don't think it pushed it in but I'm not too sure yet.
  4. ireallydontcare

    CB setup in my 97

    Howdy y'all. On this cold cold day I thought some of you would like to see my CB setup . Removed the ash tray, and bent L brackets to get it where I wanted it. Mounted the mic holder behind the visor clip. Completely irreversible. I'm running a Wilson Lil Wil for now. I plan to upgrade to...
  5. ireallydontcare

    95-01 cluster and radio lights colors

    Howdy everyone. I have a quick question. My 97 ranger has the cluster w/o tach. I will eventually buy one from the junkyard. On my old 97 I did the exploder sport trac white faces cluster, and while I liked it, the color didn't match the HVAC panel or radio. My current 97 has the turquoiseish...
  6. ireallydontcare

    2.3L ('83-'97) SOLVED 97 intermitent hard starting

    Howdy yall, I bought me a 97 supercab 2.3 5 speed the other day. I runs great.... when it actually starts... Its gonna need a new flywheel and possibly a starter but thats for another story. So sometimes it will fire right up, and sometimes it takes forever! Hot or cold, doesn't matter. New...
  7. ireallydontcare

    Wanted 89-97 2.3 5 speed ranger in east texas.

    Howdy y'all. Just sold my 87 bronco ii. I have 1300 cash. I'd like to buy a 89-97 2.3 5 speed ranger. Doesn't have to be perfect, but at least ready to daily drive.
  8. ireallydontcare

    SOLD! Selling my 1987 Bronco II

    2 WHEEL DRIVE 1987 Bronco II. 2.9 v6 5 speed manual. $1500 firm. Located in Maud, TX It's not perfect but it's very reliable. Gets decent gas mileage. Needs rotors, front end alignment, and has an exhaust leak from the manifold. I'd really love to trade for a ranger. Preferably 2.3 5 speed.
  9. ireallydontcare

    Would a 92 Ford Festiva be a good trade?

    Howdy y'all, quick little question. I am selling an 87 b2 for 1500 or trade, and someone offered me a festiva. nothing majorly wrong with it. would it be a good trade on my end? the b2 has nothing majorly wrong with it either but small stuff.
  10. ireallydontcare

    Where to mount 4' FireStik on Bronco II

    Howdy everyone! I haven't bought the antenna so I am still open to ideas for other antennas I should choose, but I've had good luck with FireStik in the past.
  11. ireallydontcare

    Low beams suck but hi beams are fine

    Howdy everyone On my 90 Bronco II, I replaced the factory headlight housings with some new ones about a year ago. It made a vast difference in the light output. However, the low beams still suck. They light doesn't really travel that far out on to the road like the sealed beams in my 87 does...
  12. ireallydontcare

    Battling cooling issues

    Howdy everyone, been having some cooling issues with my 4.0 swapped bronco ii. I know for certain it needs a fan clutch, but i'm experienceing coolant loss aswell. Tonight on an hour long drive, it was running hotter than usual, and when I finally got home, I touched the rad cap to crack it...
  13. ireallydontcare

    Where can I get a build sheet?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong forum everybody. Does anyone know if theres a website or a number i can call to get a build sheet of my 87 bronco ii? Thanks in advance.
  14. ireallydontcare

    Best location to mount CB 89-92

    Howdy everyone. Could any of you please tell me the best mounting location for a CB in my 90 bronco ii? I was thinking under the dash in the middle, but I have a 5 speed and 4x4 is down there too. Any suggestions?
  15. ireallydontcare

    92 4.0 leaking injectors

    Howdy everyone, So I finally had the chance to tackle the 2 leaking injectors on my 4.0 from a 92 explorer. They have leaked since I put the 4.0 in the truck, and they might have even leaked while it was still in the explorer but I don't recall whether they did. Last night I pulled them and...
  16. ireallydontcare

    Trying to figure out my gears

    Howdy everyone. So my 1990 Bronco II has axle code D4, 3.73 limited slip. I have an FM146 and 30 inch tires. According to Novak's cruising RPM calculator, my should be 2199 in 5th gear. In reality it is at about 2700. I also did the mark the tire and driveshaft and turn test and it came out to...

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