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  1. plaligraphy

    Bumper delete? 1990

    So i saw a ranger with a “bumper delete” of sorts, where would i buy that? Or is that a diy plate and welder thing. I hate using this as an example but eh Thank y’all
  2. plaligraphy

    A4LD Port plug question?

    What is this plug right above the shift linkage for? Could i possibly use it for my trans temp gauge? Thank you 90’ Ranger A4LD
  3. plaligraphy

    A4LD Transmission temp gauge

    How would i hook up the sender for my autometer trans temp gauge without having to drill a hole in the stamped pan, i don’t trust that it won’t leak. 90’ Ranger A4LD
  4. plaligraphy

    2.3L ('83-'97) Building a 2.3

    I'm attempting to build a turbo 2.3l. I have a 1996 block with a dual spark head and im wondering how I could swap it into my 1990? I'd be putting it behind my A4LD thats currently behind a 2.9l. Would it be smart to go Carb and Distributor or attempt to keep the coil pack setup ford had...
  5. plaligraphy

    New from Oregon

    Hello all! I bought my 1990 ranger as a project knowing the trans was bad. I've since had it rebuilt and have done minor work to the 2.9l It currently sits on 225/70/15s
  6. plaligraphy

    Rostra Cruise Install on a 1990 Ranger?

    How bad is the install process for the rostra kit? (Link to Rostra Kit) It looks decently simple but I'm not the best with electrical work Thank you!

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