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  1. ford4wd08

    460 Build Info

    Who knows anything about rebuilding a 460? This would be the last year carb motor (86) with the Holley carb. I'm not after much as I know the sky can be the limit. Thinking of a good trip to the machine shop, a new intake manifold/carb, straight up timing set (not retarded), new cam, and...
  2. ford4wd08

    Found! First Gen Windshield Trim (Reveal Moulding)

    Edit: found a set at my local pull apart today. No longer needed. I need to upper piece specifically, but will take a whole set if someone has it. Black or Chrome, it doesn't matter. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Jordan
  3. ford4wd08

    Wanted Driver Side Inner Vent Window Frame

    Has anyone done a swap to solid glass and have vent windows lying around? My stud on my driver's side broke yesterday when I was trying to disassemble it to paint the frame. I'll buy a whole assembly if anyone has one. Thanks, Jordan
  4. ford4wd08

    Help me choose a practical tire size

    Hi guys, as the '85 Bronco 2 nears body work completion, I am looking forward to getting a new set of tires to mount on my stock aluminum rims from a ~1990 RBV. The big question is what tire size? This rig will see very little off the pavement driving. Maybe some hunting or gravel roads, but...
  5. ford4wd08

    Lever Guns Anyone?

    With my new found love of my Winchester 9422M 22 mag, I decided it might be fun to have a center fire lever action to add to the collection. I know Henry makes good stuff, but I just like collecting guns that are either no longer made or where made by the "original" Winchester, Marlin...
  6. ford4wd08

    Clean Bronco 2

    It's on FB marketplace, not sure who can see it, but here it is. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1302690686841291/?ref=facebook_story_share
  7. ford4wd08

    Picked up some stock aluminum wheels

    Found a set of 89-90 stock 15x7 aluminum wheels. They are a little rough, but since they're aluminum they will polish up I believe. Were these clear coated from the factory? They appear to be and it's chipping off. Any tips on how to getting these looking as good as possible? I'm going to...
  8. ford4wd08

    BW 1350 TC Fluid

    Was reading through the tech library, and came across the recommendations for T Case fluid. Does it really make a difference which fluid is used? Especially in the early 1350 cases like in my B2? I was thinking of using Valvoline's T-Case fluid in mine as it is readily available and the T Case...
  9. ford4wd08

    '85 Bronco II Shudder at 45 mph

    Hey guys, have a weird problem I'm trying to diagnose. My B2 has a weird shudder it has developed. It only happens when I come to a slight incline at 45 mph and at a certain throttle position. If I give it more gas and up the rpms it seems to go away. If I let off the throttle completely and...
  10. ford4wd08

    Temp Gage Quit Working

    My '85 B2 temp gage quit working yesterday. What are my options for replacement/troubleshooting? I believe I can ground the wire on the and the gage should move to hot right? My wiring looks pretty old, so I ordered a replacement wiring with the connector for the stud. Can you replace the...
  11. ford4wd08

    '85 Bronco II Paint & Body Thread

    Well, I think I'm about ready to start looking into my paint and body work. I think I'm going to tackle this myself. I've never painted a whole car, but I've done some rattle can work and had good results. I think it is time to step up to the next level. So first couple of things I have to...
  12. ford4wd08

    Anyone else ever come across removable rear windows in person??

    This guy found one and has been posting about it on Facebook.
  13. ford4wd08

    Questions for Everyone about Detonation or "Pinging"

    I don't know that I have ever had a vehicle experience pinging.... All of my vehicles have been EFI (I know they can still ping), and have had solid controls in good shape to prevent it. I'm just curious what it sounds like and how to make sure you don't have it. For instance, I can tell a...
  14. ford4wd08

    Wanted Ford Factory Radio

    Looking for a working single din Ford Factory Radio from the late 80's to the early 90's. I would prefer a cassette deck. Let me know what you have,
  15. ford4wd08

    High Idle out of gear -- '85 2.8 with Pinto 2150 Carb

    Hi guys, been driving the B2 for a couple of weeks now, seems to be doing ok, but once warm it has a high idle once I take it out of gear (auto trans). I feel like the curb idle is OK, but when I put it in park, the idle seems to climb up to high in my opinion. Any tips on where to start...
  16. ford4wd08

    Anyone bought a trans cooler lately?

    I'm looking to install a bigger trans cooler onto my B2 with the A4LD. I have the stock one from '85 which is a tube and fin model. I was looking at this stacked plate design on amazon...
  17. ford4wd08

    Anyine following this '84 Ranger Build Online??

    Just saw it lol up on my Facebook feed. https://blog.vipautoaccessories.com/feature/1984-ford-ranger-build-in-progress/
  18. ford4wd08

    1985 Bronco II A4LD to FM146

    Hey guys, With all the drama I've had on my A4LD and trying to get it to work, I'm ready to ditch the auto and convert to a manual. Just for you that don't know a little history. I've completed the duraspark conversion with a HEI module on my 85 with the 2.8. I tried to get the TCC lock up to...
  19. ford4wd08

    Looking for a A4LD

    Alright guys, been off the site for a while. My Bronco II has been at the trans shop since May 15th.... Yes May 15th. They have not been able to cure the no upshift condition after going through it, trying a new valve body, cleaning the governor, new modulators etc. They even swapped all my...
  20. ford4wd08

    TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    I'm struggling with how to handle my lock up of the TCC on my first year A4LD. I have done the duraspark withe HEI module and removed the computer. I tried the pressure switch method and failed horribly, so I don't think I'm willing to drill a hole into the case of my trans again. So I know...

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