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  1. Deiimos

    Thought I'd finally sign up.

    Suppose I should post here as well, even though I always skip this part on most forums. :D That said, I have a 2001 3.0 2wd Ranger XLT, the blue color, cab is extended with those jump seat things but still only two door, and has the fiberglass bed sides. I mainly use the truck for hauling scrap...
  2. Deiimos

    Can I make it fit? (timing chain sprocket)

    Browsed for years, thought I'd finally sign up here. Think I can force fit this sprocket in there? Timing mark is a little off, but that doesn't matter right? Nor the extra set of teeth? :LOL: So yeah, I'm pretty sure that sprocket is not going to work in this. Seems my luck always...

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