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  1. Wsewade

    3.0 engine install, i have a question

    I'm finally installing the fresh 3.0 in my ranger. After lining it up with the transmission, do I put the nuts on the torque converter through the flywheel first, or do i bolt the trans to the block, loosely, then turn the flywheel to align the TC bolts. I've looked all over the internet and...
  2. Wsewade

    Hi im Wes

    Like a lot of you here I do most all my own mechanic work to my trucks, and I have six, Ford's Chevy and Dogdes.. I also buy and sell a few occasionally. Also I work on boats, it's always a learning experience and sometimes i need advice. So I'll share what I know, and I'll ask what I need to...
  3. Wsewade

    First post, i got a new crate 3.0 and im taking everything off the old motor putting it on the new motor so im at the camshaft positioning synchronize

    I guess that was the title, so I'm at the CPS looks like a distributor without wires, I'm putting it in a new long block so I have no reference marks. I've read many threads, but I have yet to find any information, installing a CPS in a new motor. Ive tryed the 75 degree install with the...

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