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  1. sparkdic

    New Guy Here...

    The best ones I've found are at Napa and were pretty cheap compared to any place else.
  2. sparkdic

    lowered ranger suspension

    Just a fore warning but this should be in the lowriders section and is prolly going to end up moved there. Aside from that with the bumpstops on the diff its going to give you that rough ride but before you do anything get the front beams installed and check how the truck sits. The reason for...
  3. sparkdic

    The Drift Ranger Is In The Works Need Help

    If I may add a suggestion for your front suspension. I've always contiplated replacing the front I-beam setup with a mustang II setup. You can find them in bone yards from either mustang II's or pintos or buy them from Summit Jegs and other Rod shops and theres so many parts out there for them...
  4. sparkdic

    Painting my 97 ex-cab

    Well I've had my 97 ex-cab for a few years now and its gone through various stages and now finally its seeing real paint. I'll tell u the tale as a we make out way through the pictures that will show the story... The Begining, Oct 05 when I bought it... [/IMG] Before I drove it a swapped some...
  5. sparkdic

    flip kit help???

    The easiest and cheapest way I have found to flip an axle is buying a pair of spring perches from Summit. I paid $20 for mine (granted I can drive to Summit and pick them up), they had multipule holes in them already. I reamed one of the outter holes to fit the centering pin, drilled holes in...
  6. sparkdic

    Spring Meet 2009! (ohio)

    If I get my Ranger painted and back on the road by then I might make it... I'd try posting this in the regional section as well.
  7. sparkdic

    Which paint scheme?

    So I've finally got my Ranger in my shop since I've been so busy with customers stuff and I've got enough paint to do a few different things on it. Its getting really close to paint here and I'll I have decided is the truck is going back black but since I own a business doing custom paint I...
  8. sparkdic

    My Shackle Flip input and question

    I originally did the shackle/hanger flip on my 97 and figured it to be about a 2 inch drop in the rear, which sat the truck level. They way I cut the rivets is to cut an x in them, then take a sharp flat chisel on the air chisel and knock the head off (it goes quick). Lastly I use the pointed...
  9. sparkdic

    Am I on METH?

    Roughly yes... now there are some variables to factor in.... what engine is in the vehicle versus what engine u have in the vehicle. If have springs rated for a 2" drop on a 4cyl and u install on a truck with a v-6 you'll end up with closer to 3" drop from the springs. Now if these r for the...
  10. sparkdic

    Tightening up rear suspension

    I never had problems with the 2 degree shims on my 94. But i do remember that there wasn't much of the centering peg left above it, so a 4 or 6 may be iffy. If it is too short, even for your liking, u can cut the pin out and replace it with a grade 8 bolt. I just tighten the first nut down with...
  11. sparkdic

    Tightening up rear suspension

    It sounds like ur pinion angle is off to me, when I flipped the rear on my truck I bought spring perches from summit, set the pinion angle and welded them on. You can also use pinion shims. Also make sure u put the flip brackets in right, they should move ur rear diff back a lil because when u...
  12. sparkdic

    Need help

    Yes, flip ur shackles and hangers back around and your ride should smooth out. My rear is just flipped and with stock shocks it rides like hell, was in too much of a rush when I lowered it and just never got around to it since, man it rides like ass... Sometime before spring I'll get it right lol.
  13. sparkdic

    Let's see what's out there....

    thanks alot :icon_cheers: The lights all came from ebay about 3 years ago, they sell them off and on, same as the mirrors.
  14. sparkdic

    Let's see what's out there....

    Honestly I just found them on e-bay, never saw them before so I got them. that was about 3 years ago so have no idea what they were called lol.
  15. sparkdic

    Let's see what's out there....

    97 exd cab, 4.0 5spd, djm beams in front, flipped rear, 01 stang GT 17's, misc shaved panels and pieces
  16. sparkdic

    Last Weekend for Fireball

    Hey fellas, this is the last weekend for Fireball Trucknite this season. Seems its not in the cards for a Halloween show this year so Saturday will be the last hoorahh for Fireball at 82 as next year will be at a new location. SO anyone who can make it should try, its alot of fun (even in the...

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