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    Adding limited slip to rear axle??

    Anyone add LSD to a Ranger with an open diff? Found my near perfect Lariat, but missing the electric locking rear diff option. So, given a price I could not pass up, bought the thing. Since the Ranger shares the rear diff with Jeep, I plan on exploring using Spicer's LSD carrier for the Dana...
  2. win

    What is my ABS system trying to say?

    I think my ABS is probably trying to say ba bye! ABS light comes on as soon as the truck moves forward. Codes: C1233 Wheel sensor LF input signal missing C1234 Wheel sensor RF input signal missing C1939 Brake pressure switch Circuit Failure C1095 Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Failure Whew...
  3. win

    Front spring options for '02 V8 conversion

    I think I'm looking for some new front springs. OEM springs have always been brutally harsh, even with the added weight of the Expo 5.0 and 4R70W transmission vs the 3.0 and 4R55E Poking around, seems like there are 3 different OEM springs but if I'm reading the specs right, all have the same...
  4. win

    Maybe a workable header solution?

    Hmmmm, perhaps an alternative to Torque Monsters? Clearly looks to be a Torque Monster knock off, but half the price and seemingly available. Not mine, no affiliation, just kicking the info/option out there http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MTMwMlgxNjAw/z/iz8AAOSwTapV3PPH/$_57.JPG
  5. win

    Going with electric fans for the radiator on my '02

    Finally got some time today to finish up my electric fan install: Astonishing how much noise went away with the OEM fan! Used a pair of RapidCool 12" fans, each rated at 1650 CFM, a trio of 70 amp SPDT relays, a Ford Windstar a/c pressure switch and a early BMW Z3 4 cyl temp switch. The temp...
  6. win

    Lessons learned: '96 RWD Explorer 5.0/4R70W conversion for an '02 coil spring Ranger

    Lessons learned: '96 RWD Explorer 5.0/4R70W conversion into an '02 coil spring Ranger Preparation: 1st things 1st, a couple GREAT guides and info on the swap is essential: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=302956...
  7. win

    Oil pan question -- 02 2WD Ranger w/5.0

    I've been disappointed with the fit of the generic FRP rear sump oil pan in my Ranger. Since it seems that I'll be pulling the engine, I'm looking to improve the fit, particularly above the rack and pinion unit. I've read that the original Expo cast aluminum sump won't work, but the later...
  8. win

    What have I missed? (or did wrong?)

    Think I'm getting ready to abandon the current 5.0 in my Ranger and build another -- have been going nuts trying to track down a seemingly RPM related miss and sub-standard fuel economy. It's a 1996 5.0 in my 02 Ranger. Engine was refreshed with new rings/bearings/valve springs etc --...
  9. win

    Compression test questions

    Just did a compression test on the '96 Expo.5.0 and I'm not sure what the results should be. Engine was stone cold and outside of the TM headers, box stock. Throttle body wedged wide open and all 8 cylinders were between 130 and 135 psi. I'm pleased the results were so even but are those...
  10. win

    4R70W -- lost and confused

    My '96 Explorer 5.0/4R70W powered 02 Ranger has suddenly developed a bunch of separate seeming transmission issues: From the initial install a couple months ago, it's always behaved well when cold. Sometimes the 1/2 or 2/3 shifts have been a bit baulkey/harsh but nothing significant. Have...
  11. win

    ABS fault light, no ABS fault code

    My '96 Explorer 5.0 powered 02 Ranger lights up the ABS lamp any time the truck goes over about 5 mph. The light always resets on shut down, won't re-light until driven over that same speed again. The odd thing, even with the light on, my ABS code scanner does not pick up a fault code. Not...
  12. win

    02 3.0 Ranger + '96 5.0 Explorer = FUN! (or so I hope!)

    Finally got back on track with getting a '96 Explorer 5.0 into my 02 coil spring Ranger. Got a significant delay when my youngest totaled one of the SAAB's in the driveway (no injuries!!) and I had to source and commission a replacement. I love buying inexpensive projects but I really didn't...
  13. win

    How tight is tight?

    The day to install my 5.0 into my 02 coil spring 2WD is fast approaching, it's time to work out the install technique. I've read of installs where the engine/trans/exhaust manifolds were snaked in as a complete unit, "Very Tight" was the description. So, with Torque Monster headers (main delay...
  14. win

    Explorer axle sway bar Q

    Not sure this qualifies as a "extreme" suspension but here goes: I'm prepping to install an Explorer 8.8 in my '02. Currently have a BII 1" sway bar on the back and really like the way it helps keep the things under control. Will the OEM Explorer sway bar give me similar control or would I be...

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