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  1. 96RedRanger

    87 ragner 10" lift 37's turbo coupe motor

    Here is my junk, 87 ranger i got for free, i did a turbo coupe swap it has the stock 7.5 and dana 28 i dont do any hard wheeling, mostly dirt trails. I know my axle are going to break with 37's so dont tell me. I plan on breaking them, and then doing a d44 or d60 swap. i made the front bumper...
  2. 96RedRanger

    2.2 Diesel sas/ divorced transfer Case Project Red Rocket

    Okay well i Have a 83 ranger diesel and i have decided im going to make it 4x4 I have bought a dana 30 hp and also a dana 35 rear with 4.10s . I also got the stock leaf springs and such that i am going to use to use. I dont want it lifted very high. I want to maybe run 32s For brackets im...
  3. 96RedRanger


    Hi, I have a 83 ford ranger 2.2 diesel with the 4 speed mazda tranny I have read that i can swap my bellhousing onto a rx7 trans to gain a 5 speed, but i dont really care about that. I have also read that i can do the same with a b2200 trans, however i dont think they came in 4x4. So here is my...
  4. 96RedRanger

    ranger fuel pump wont run can jump relay and start

    Like the title says, I have a 87 ranger that i can jump the fuel pump relay under the hood ( connect the two large terminals) and it will turn the fuel pump on and start. I dont understand what is wrong. I have tried four different relays. what makes the relay switch on so i can test that.
  5. 96RedRanger

    83 Air bag question

    I have a 83 2wd truck In the junkyard there is a s10 with the air bag valves, bags, and tank I have 2 compressors off my dads car so i could make a kit. My question is... hjow low can i without making a 4 link and not cutting wheel wells up front. I am new to this but i read through alt of...
  6. 96RedRanger

    97 seat wiring help!!!

    well i used the factory hot wire from the lumbar/whatever motors to hook up heated seats. It didwork, no fuses blownfor about 2 days?. However today it didnt workon both sides. i unpluged one side and hit it with a test light and no power... scratched my head and pluged it back in... for good...
  7. 96RedRanger

    35 tires and front end

    I have a 96 ranger and a 4" lift kit with f-150 spacers. I want to put on bfg 35's. My question is what actual size are they and will this destroy my front end pieces. Im going to offroad but nothing to crazy. any help appreciated. thanks
  8. 96RedRanger

    96 4" lift and freshened interior

    Okay well i bought my 96 extended cab ranger for $650 on craigslist with a new motor that was put in 30k ago, a blown trans (4r55e), 4wd with a nice set of 31's, a free tool box,cracked windshiend, gheto fab pvc snorkel, broken glass in extended persons cab, broken drivers seat, no radio, bad...
  9. 96RedRanger

    4R55E to 5R55E swap working?

    1)the year of your truck? 1996 ranger Extended cab 2)What engine? 4.0 l 3)Which transmission I belive its the 4r55e 4)2wd or 4x4? 4x4 4-a) if it's a 4x4 is the T-case Manual or Electronically shifted? electric I Have a 96 ranger with what i belive is a blown 4r55e( i can check trans code...

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