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  1. Bruce

    1994 Explorer

    1994 Explorer, DPFE failure I have a 1994 Explorer 4.0 and im going thru PDFE's about once a month or so..is there a cure for this (code 327) at least i have a 2 year warranty on it..lol buts its beginning to be a pain.:sad: Thanks : Bruce
  2. Bruce

    ABS code 67

    ABS light came on in 1994 Explorer and pulled codes and got a code 67 pump motor any ideas?
  3. Bruce

    EGR Valve and Pinging

    94 Ford Explorer, 4.0, automatic...With moderate acceleration, engine seems to ping and or knock, sometimes when you accelerate it gets louder...with all this in mind i thought EGR valve and or solenoid...Soo i took a main vacum source and applied it directly to EGR valve and the valve...
  4. Bruce

    Intermit no start

    1986 Ranger 2.9 runs fine but when you shut it off some times will not restart right away..turns over but no run, if you let it sit for a bit it will start back up. So far i pulled distributor and replaced pickup, TFI module and the plug that plugs into module, reason for plug replacement was...
  5. Bruce

    94 Explorer ABS

    A couple weeks ago the front brakes locked up and of coarse it smoked the pads. It had the original calipers so i replaced the calipers with rebuilt which had the steel pistons and of coarse replaced the pads, rotors where ok. I put my snapon scanner on it and pulled codes for the ABS and had a...
  6. Bruce

    fuel gauge and temp gauge

    1986 Ranger...the fuel gauge and temp gauge read funny...do they have that gauge resistor on the back side of the gauge panel?? i know the older Fords did but cant remember when they stopped it.
  7. Bruce

    Trailer Brake Controller

    I have a 2002 Ranger and it has the flat 4 prong plug under the bumper which i assume is factory and is only for trailer lights. My question is are the Rangers prewired inside the cab for trailer brake controller, like a plug some where that i cant find. Thanks in advance.
  8. Bruce

    My 94 Explorer 4x4 XLT

    Bought this 3 years ago when i totaled my 98 Windstar(hit a deer at 65) it only had 90,000 miles on it and not a scratch or dent has 135,000 on it now and has parking lot dings on it now, as you can see its all stock. Cheap camera will post more later.
  9. Bruce

    Which spark plugs

    2002 4.0 , which spark plugs to use, i was thinking on the line of NGK Iridium's, what do you guy's use. I have also seen a lot of problems with getting the proper plug, so what would be the proper spark plug number lets say if i used the NGK's.
  10. Bruce

    Our play toy

    1957 Ranchero 4x4 slightly modifed with 670 cubic inch on alcohol. This is an older pic, since this pic we have put aluminum wheels and 4 link front suspension with coil over shocks and a weight box on front . Truck is still kinda in pieces right at the moment.
  11. Bruce


    We put a 5.0 in place of 2.9 in a 1988 Ranger. The Ranger has a factory tach in dash i been looking for the tach wires to hook it up to see if the tach would read right but i can not find the tach wires in the wiring schematics that i have, anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advance
  12. Bruce


    I have a1994 Explorer that seems to want to overheat at times so here it goes. Driving down the highway at sustained speeds any where from 60 to 85 temperature is fine but if i stand on it to pass or if im pulling a an uphill grade hard like 6 -10 % grade or more where you have to stand on it...
  13. Bruce

    Over fueling

    I have an 89 Lincoln 302 with AOD in a 88 Ranger 4X2 in which the injectors where gummed up from sitting for a few years before we got it. Someone gave us an intake from a 87 Mustang HO in which it had injectors in it, soooo i pulled the injectors out and put them in the Lincoln 302 to get it...
  14. Bruce

    Oil filter adapter

    When we was doing our V8 conversion the regular remote oil filter adapter wasnt user friendly as the steering box was in the way. So i started doing some research and found this one it cost 75 bucks and shipping was free. We had to grind a little clearance for the nut on the gear box. Heres the...
  15. Bruce


    Has anyone used a reprogramming device like hypertec or has anyone put a superchip in there 4.0 SOHC and if they did was it worth the bucks.
  16. Bruce

    88 Ranger engine swap

    We just got done putting a 302 out of a 1989 Lincoln with AOD transmission. We made our own motor mount adapters and rear motor mount as well. We used a radiator out of a 1994 Explorer which was a 4 core and have 2 10" 1,000 CFM each fans in front with a 28,000 pound trans cooler. I wired the...

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