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  1. 03ranger30

    2002 F350 Powerstroke weird noise under dash

    My 2002 F350 has started making a weird noise under the dash and the best way I can explain it is an electrical sound. I will include the video so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. It is the "clicking" sound that you hear. Just want to know what it is and if I should be...
  2. 03ranger30

    Just whoring a little bit

    Washed up the trucks today and thought I would take some pics. Enjoy. New mirrors Dad's new ride-2012 F150 The fleet
  3. 03ranger30

    Ranger Rebate

    My dad and I were browsing the car lot at a Ford dealership and the salesperson mentioned that because I drive a Ranger that we get a rebate called the "Ranger Rebate". I just thought it was kinda funny, and the fact that the lot was completely void of any Rangers old or new.
  4. 03ranger30

    Why are my headlights being so difficult?

    I have literally been baking them on and off for an hour and a half at 250 degrees and they are no closer to coming off than when I started. Any tips to actually getting them apart?
  5. 03ranger30

    Anybody try these tires?

    Treadwright offers retread tires that a lot of the Jeep guys from the forum I was apart of ran and was wondering if anyone had ever used them and had luck with them. Of course I am a little skeptical because they are retreads, but for under 400 for all four compared to actual BFG all terrains...
  6. 03ranger30

    Sub box plans

    I am interested in making a sub box for my truck and am wondering if any of you guys could share some ideas with me as far as where to put thee box and everything. I plan on using a single 12 but am open to ideas. Thanks guys
  7. 03ranger30

    Thank you guys

    This was nice to see when I refreshed the page
  8. 03ranger30

    Voltometer and Coolant Temp Gauges

    I was looking to get some gauges to somewhat replace the dummy gauges on my cluster and so I could actually know how my engine is running. How hard is it to install them from the people who have done it and any tips you could offer to make it easier? Like where to hook up the sensors and...
  9. 03ranger30

    Recent Mileage Drop?

    Over the past couple weeks, my mileage has gone from good to bad. Usually I get around 19.5 to the gallon. Last week it was around 17.5, and this week it was 16.5. I know that the cold weather usually has something to do with this, but do these engines really react that much to the cold or is it...
  10. 03ranger30

    Paint headlights or leave them chrome

    Got new clear corner lights the other day and was wondering what I should do. I could take them apart and paint them along with the headlights, or I could just leave them be and go for the all clear look. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks a bunch
  11. 03ranger30

    What did Christmas bring for your truck?

    I know this is a little late, but what did Santa Claus bring for your alls trucks? Personally I got no physical parts, but I got a $50 eBay card so I am going to buy new corner lights. Santa was supposed to bring me HIDs, but those are going to be a little late.
  12. 03ranger30

    Recommend me a dirtbike

    Kinda interested in getting back into riding. I want something that can ride trails and do some moto as well, I was thinking something along the lines of a yz-250f. I am about 6 feet tall and weigh around 200 pounds, if that helps.
  13. 03ranger30

    Fender liners

    I have noticed that my inner fender liner on the driver side is smaller than the passenger side and doesn't cover nearly as much. I thought it was broken so I went to order another one and noticed that it is supposed to be like that according to Rock Auto. Why is this? It just doesn't make...
  14. 03ranger30

    Combating the winter elements

    Well I figured that it is that time of year again, and having a 2wd truck in the snow isn't fun. I know that people put weight in the bed of their trucks to give it more traction, but how much weight is needed? If you guys have any other ideas let me know. Thanks P.S.- This is the first...
  15. 03ranger30

    Would my underdrive pulley kill my battery?

    Well I went to the bank today to get some of that hard earned money, only to turn right back around and spend it all on a new battery. I put an underdrive pulley on about a month or so ago, and noticed that my truck was having troubles starting. Sometimes it would just click when the key was...
  16. 03ranger30

    Anyone looking for a V8 Ranger?

  17. 03ranger30

    5 quarts instead of 4.5?

    Well the time has come to change my oil for the second time. The owners manual calls for 4.5 quarts of 5w-20. I bought the 5.1 quart jug from Advanced. Will it hurt if I put all of the oil from the jug in? Cause it is kind of a pain in the ass to pour some and then measure it all out. Thanks
  18. 03ranger30

    4wd swap?

    I know this is next to impossible on the regular 2wd trucks, but since I have the 4wd suspension, how much of a pain would it be to swap in a 4wd drivetrain? It's not like this is ever gonna happen, but I was just curious as to whether or not it could be done. I am not looking for SAS or...
  19. 03ranger30

    Any experience with this site?

    I came across this site http://www.myhotranger.com/ and am curious if any of you guys have had any experience with them, for some reason they seem sketchy, but that might just be me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  20. 03ranger30

    Loose tailgate

    I noticed last night when I was putting my tailgate up that i can pull on the one side of the tailgate and it moves up and down, whereas the other side doesn't. I also noticed that when I was going down a bumpy road today that the tailgate rattles and it obviously bouncing up and down. What...

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