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  1. ThatGuy

    New rear tube bumper for the shop truck

    Hey all. Been away for a bit and have been through some troubled times but getting ready to hit it wide open. Recently acquired a '00 Ranger extended cab 4wd as a shop truck/prototype vehicle. Our biggest problem has always been getting a vehicle to work on so why not just buy one ourselves...
  2. ThatGuy

    Looking for a 98 or newer 4x4 in the Knox area

    Hey guys, I've got some more ideas and I need a truck to check them out on. Looking for a 98+ 4x4 for new bumper designs. If you want to help out, please PM me for more info. Brad.
  3. ThatGuy

    Free parts close to Knoxville, TN!!!

    Yes, but it comes with a catch. I am prototyping some new steering brackets for lifted TTB trucks. I will give you a free steering setup in exchange for using your truck as a guinea pig. There are basic requirements that you must meet in order to help me help you help me. I would prefer a...
  4. ThatGuy

    Anyone have a scrap frame? Need body mounts

    Hey guys, I'm looking to reproduce the metal body mounts that are riveted to the frame. Problem is I don't have any to go off of. Local junkyard won't cut them off for me and I'm not spending a day with a cordless grinder trying to cut them off myself. Looking for someone that has a cabless...
  5. ThatGuy

    How to get around VSS for swap

    Ok my new build is starting and already I've ran into a roadblock. 97 Ex 4.0L, SOHC, 5r55e, 4405 I am putting a NP435, 203/205 doubler, Dana 60 front and 10.25 rear Unlike the '91 I just sold, the '97 has a speed sensor in the tailshaft of the transfer and no speedometer. I've searched and...
  6. ThatGuy

    Trailworthy fab and military tires.

    I'm thinking of getting some recentered H1s from Trailworthy Fab. Every time I look for newer tires all I can find is the 16.5s. I can get the double beadlocks for $175. Then I can source tires easier. They have wheel/tire combos for $200 a corner. Are the military Goodyear OZ tires worth...
  7. ThatGuy

    Grand Cherokee tank swap into Ex

    Been looking for different fuel cells while getting ready for my wanton swap. Had an extra Grand gas tank laying around and started measuring it. It will fit perfectly between the frail rails in the rear where the spare tire used to be. As long as the pumps flow the same shouldn't I be able to...
  8. ThatGuy

    May Windrock trail ride

    Windrock ride w/PICS I've been chatting with several members here as well as others about trying to get a big ride together sometime in May at Windrock. I would like to get as big a turnout as possible. We could make it an all weekend ride complete with camping, food, drinks, and even wrenching...
  9. ThatGuy

    Uncommon tranny swaps

    While discussing the notoriously weak transmission options for rangers today with a friend, lots of questions came up that we couldn't answer. I thought I would run some of them across the more knowledgeable members to see if we could get some answers. I've read the threads about the NP435...
  10. ThatGuy

    Engine crossmember

    I'm thinking about lowering my Explorer down a few inches. I want to run some super soft springs plus get my COG lower. The only problem I'm seeing is the engine crossmember. Have any of you cut the x-member out? I was thinking of cutting the bottom off and running a piece of 1/2" directly...
  11. ThatGuy

    which clutch do you prefer

    Sorry to be so short but I'm posting from my phone. I've used centerforce, zoom, and petroworks in zuks. What clutch do you use and why? Gonna be swapping to a 5spd before long and I want to start sourcing parts now. I've got 5.13 gears and 38s and will be installing a doubler also. Thanks.
  12. ThatGuy

    Very strange ECM trouble

    I have been helping a friend of mine that bought a '94 Explorer sport. It's a 5 speed and had just had the engine rebuilt with a cam and the Aerostar heads and some other goodies. It runs pretty good but not as good as we thought it should. It has a rather odd problem. Anytime it gets below 50...
  13. ThatGuy


    Had to pick up a track bar mount for a fellow TRSer today. When I got to the Duff shop I walked in and saw this. It's Ted Nugent's Bushmaster Bronco. The TV show Gearz with Stacey David had arranged for the Bronco to go to the Duff shop to get SAS'd in the front with a 4-link in the rear...
  14. ThatGuy

    Need a couple of measurements please

    I'm trying to help a friend figure what's up with his Ranger. He states that after installing a lift, his track width shrank by almost 1.5". I no longer have my TTB so I can't go off my rig. I'm needing someone to please get me a couple measurements so we can compare. Here's what I need: A)...
  15. ThatGuy

    October is a full month---many rides coming up

    In case yall don't know, October is packed with many rides in our area. Dixie Run is Oct. 1-3 at Golden Mountain Park in Sparta, TN ($$$) but a very cool park Harlan Fall Crawl has two different event on two different weekends Oct. 16-17 & Oct. 23-24--also cool but blows penis if it rains...
  16. ThatGuy

    Cut & Turn

    I've had a perfectly good D35 sitting in my way for awhile. I've tried to sell it for what I thought was a good price but it's still sittin in my way. Since it doesn't want to leave then I might as well cut it up. I thought about doing a cut and turn on it and then maybe someone will be more...
  17. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy in that Explorer

    Never really thought about making a build thread but now all my posts are so scattered it's hard to find them. I'm thinking I'll give the cliff notes version here and add links to the specific threads. I've had my Explorer one year now and what a transformation!! I started with a bone stock...
  18. ThatGuy

    Fuel cells & pumps

    Didn't know where exactly to put this but I guess here is as good as anywhere. Question is: What are people running for fuel cells and what pump are they using? My Ex is a '91 model with a 4.0L (for now) and I want to move the gas tank to the rear hatch area. I was thinking of a plastic or...
  19. ThatGuy

    swapped a chip, now no start

    a guy at work had a JET chip for a '92 4.0L man trans ranger. He gave it to me and told me to check if it would work in my Ex. I plugged it in and started it and the RPM's climbed to about 1500. No throttle response at all. I took the chip out and left the battery unhooked for about 5 mins...
  20. ThatGuy

    Stuff rednecks do...

    ....never ceases to amaze me. While checking out a link to a country rapper (yes, I know) I stumble across this picture of another country rapper (yes, more than one) on what has to be an engineering miracle. It led me to say to myself "Man, the shit rednecks can come up with". So I decided...

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