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  1. Jason_J

    ??? Alarm Installation ???

    Has anyone done a write-up on installing an alarm and addressed the whole diode isolation GEM module/voltage drop issue? I have done some searching, but cant seem to find anything. If it has not already been done I can do a photo log this weekend when I install mine.
  2. Jason_J

    Weighing Options WADDAYATHINK

    So, I'm in a position that I can either keep my Ranger and do it up nice, or get a new truck. I have never been a fan of buying new vehicles considering the drop in value the second they leave the lot, not to mention this Ranger is really growing on me. The things I would want to do are the...
  3. Jason_J

    Grille Questions??

    Looked around and surprisingly didnt find much about this. I'm thinkin about swappin my grille and lights from 98-2000 style to the 2001-2003 style. Does anyone know it this is a straight swap or do I need to replace or modify the core support. Just looking at it seems like a pretty straight...
  4. Jason_J

    Wheel Shopping? **w/pics**

    So, I have decided to go with some black Soft 8's for my Ranger. So far it looks like Summit Racing has the lowest price on the 15x10's that I want. Does anyone know of any place cheaper? I'm thinkin' I like the Pro Comp's better. Pro Comp Cragar
  5. Jason_J

    TRS Shirts

    :icon_welder:Any chance we could get some Dickies Type shop shirts with the TRS logo? Or some TRS patches to stick on our own shirts? :icon_welder: I mean how badass would the TRS logo look on a black Dickies shirt....come on!
  6. Jason_J


    Just want to say thank you to whoever is responsible for putting the "Tech Library" together. I realize many people have authored the articles in there in a selfless manner, and I just wanna say thanks. It has been a priceless tool for me since I bought my ranger and helped me alot with my...
  7. Jason_J

    Mercon vs. Mercon V??

    Somewhere there is a FSB that says Merc V should be used instead of Dex/Merc. My manual calls for Mercon in the Manual trans, transfer case and power steering pump. Is it safe to assume that Dex/Merc is fine as long as it's not mixed with Merc V? Thanks, J
  8. Jason_J

    O2 sensor question?

    One of my upstream O2 sensors has a broken wire. I have another sensor on the shelf that is identical to my bad one, same size, shape, wire color, plug, etc. I believe it is a Denso and the P/N is 0 258 005 718. Question is can I use it? Catalog search shows that it a fit for unspecified Ford...
  9. Jason_J

    Weight Question

    :icon_confused: I'm thinking of coating the lower half of my truck in bedliner coating and wondering what kind of weight it would add? I went from a 3/4 ton chevy to this Ranger, and since it died the day I started driving it I havent had it on any trails yet. I was never able to take my K2500...
  10. Jason_J

    **Pictures Needed**

    Hi, if could someone please post some pics of the driver side engine compartment I would appreciate it a ton. I'm buttoning up my rebuild and have a couple bracket placements I cant seem to remember. My daughter erased all the pics I took before pulling it so I have no reference. Not major...
  11. Jason_J

    Your Opinion Wanted

    Hey, I am thinking about changing up my wheels and wanted to get some opinions. The first pic is my truck now. Option 1- Keep it how it is. Option 2- Paint my current wheels flat black. Option 3- Get some Soft 8's. Thanks for the input, Jason
  12. Jason_J

    Fluid Question

    I have a 1999 3.0 5 speed. Some sources call for 80W90 and some call for Mercon. Does anyone know the correct lube for my tranny? And what is EST-M2C118-A additive? Thanks, J
  13. Jason_J

    My 3.0 Build

    This was orginally going to be a detailed "how to" thread covering the 3.0, I took a ton of pics throughout the entire process. Unfortunately, when you allow your teenage daughter to use the camera, shit tends to happen. So, my pics are gone, but it was a really simple and straight forward...
  14. Jason_J

    **Intake Question**

    I found a 3.0 Vulcan :icon_bounceblue:motor to replace the seized one in my 99, donor car is a 2001 Taurus with 62k. I'm already aware of the head gaskets and such but I have a question. Is the plastic upper intake in the Taurus a direct replacement for the aluminum oon currently on my truck? I...
  15. Jason_J


    Has anyone done a "how-to" write up on a 3.0 rebuild? If not, I'll take a bunch of pics and do a write up when I do mine. Just wonderin'. -J
  16. Jason_J

    Dead Motor

    So this is what happened last night with my 1999 3.0 Ranger, and I am really at a loss. I came out of a toll booth and stepped on it pretty hard, shifted through to 4th gear then all of a sudden the "check gauge" light came on. I looked at the gauges and the oil pressure was as low as it could...

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