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  1. kingreinheimer

    dana 44/ ford 9 inch

    does anyone know if im going to have to move brackets around on my full sized bronco axles(dana44/9") to fit on my ranger?
  2. kingreinheimer

    drive shafts

    i have a 1990 ford ranger 2.9l v6 reg. cab and im about to do a sas with a dana 44 and a 9 inch both off a 79 bronco, it will have about 6 inches of lift and the only thing i need is a front drive shaft and a rear drive shaft and i need help with them....what truck i should get them off of or...
  3. kingreinheimer

    i need some 35s

    so would anyone like to sell a set of 35s for cheapish? im doing my sas real soon and i need some tires, doesnt matter what size, as long as they are 35s let me know.....with pictures:icon_thumby:
  4. kingreinheimer


    my trucks engine has been recenty been making a weird noise while im driving. it sounds like liquid is being pushed through a very small hole and hitting something, help please:dunno:
  5. kingreinheimer


    :yahoo: almost done colecting all my parts for my sas swap so i fugured id start making a thread, i may or may not be picking up my axles tomorrow but if not tomorrow i will be getting them over thanksgiving break, the axles are basicly coming with everything i need. pictures soon!
  6. kingreinheimer

    do i need?

    do i need axle pivot drop down brackets for my 6 inch lift?
  7. kingreinheimer

    axle pivot drop brackets

    i am really confused, im making my own lift kit from parts off other trucks so far so good till i remembered that my front axle is weird. this may be a dumb question but do i need a axle pivot drop bracket to lift the front? sas is not an option till summer and also how do i measure the lift...

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