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  1. mc_muench

    Questions about buying 5.0 Rangers

    No, this isnt a question about swapping one in...:thefinger: Im going to be looking at a 1986 ranger with a 5.0 thats I found craigslist soon:yahoo: and had some questions on what to look for. Im pretty knowledgable when comes to looking at ranger's bodies, suspension, brakes, interiors...
  2. mc_muench

    carb'd 2.3 questions

    I'm looking at getting back into a ranger soon, and I may have found a suitable successor to my beloved BB, The RedBull Ranger, in the form of a very nice 1984 2WD 2.3 5spd, I'm just going to assume its carb'd. I still have to go look at it but I have a few questions, forgive me as I dont know...
  3. mc_muench

    So excited!!!!

    At about 1pm today I'm going to look a ranger for sale...I MISS MY RANGER!!!!:bawling: But...it's not any old regular ranger, its a 1995 Mazda B2300 5spd 4x4 and better yet, reg cab/short bed:icon_surprised::yahoo::headbang::icon_hornsup: IMO the best ranger combo you can get. Its $1900, has...
  4. mc_muench


    Any one got unlimited Carfax or AutoCheck, wanna run one for a poor college kid with no credit card? You get a high five if you do!!!! VIN: jf15f6353yg731404 It's for a 2000 subie forester, its got 190,xxx miles...a lot I know, but subies last forever. Here's the ad on...
  5. mc_muench

    My Ranger...SOLD!!!!

    It's a sad day, got home from my first day of college and found out my dad sold the truck today...:bawling: To me she's priceless but to my dad she's worth $925 for the truck and cap when I first got her... Her, filled with RedBull... Her latest pic... She was my first vechile, I...
  6. mc_muench

    As one ranger dies another is born...maybe

    Alright the day has come, my sister finally has her new 2011 Ford Fiesta, so I got her 1999 Ford Escort. My family doesnt have room for 5 cars in the driveway so out goes the Ranger. It's ok though, because it's more than likely going to someone who really needs it. But I'm constantly...
  7. mc_muench

    Crazy awesome idea!!!!

    Bare with me, this is going to be rough and probably not even possible... Start with one IFS 4x4 Ranger insert one FWD*4.2 V6 longitudely, but here's the kicker, KEEP THE TRANSAXLE. So you have a longblock that is exactly like it is when it's transversely but mounted longitudely. Then modify...
  8. mc_muench

    Probing for answers

    Alright, there may be a slim, I mean very slim, chance I can trade my truck for a 89 Probe GT with the 2.2 turbo motor, and a manual transmission. From the ad, all it says it needs is brakes. (ad down below) I wont go by just the ad, cause its not very detailed and there has to be something...
  9. mc_muench

    future project?

    Bare with me, this may get long and/or off track... I kinda dig the look of 2nd gen taurus's(91-95), and they have the 3.0 vulcans that rangers have, and a 3.8 essex V6. My father has a 2004 freestar with a 4.2 essex V6, this thing for being a mini van has got some pep, with 201hp at 4800rpm...
  10. mc_muench

    "CaddyShack" Project GO-FER

    I have a 1976ish Suzuki A100 GO-FER Here's some info on it...its a 100cc 2 stroke engine w/oil injection(doesn't work). The GO-FER package was more an endro/offroad bike than the base A100 with knoby tires. The bike has a little more than 10,000 miles on it right now. Here's the story...my dad...
  11. mc_muench

    Snowmoblie 500HP!!!!

    All I have to say is wipple wipple wipple:icon_twisted: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/bw1msQQXfBU&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  12. mc_muench

    100cc carb?

    I have a 1976 Suzuki A100 GO-FER, that's pretty rare, and it needs a new carb because the old one is bad and there is no such thing as a rebuild kit for it, believe me I've checked. So my qusetion is can I use a 100cc carb off any 100cc bike to replace it because I cannot find a stock carb?
  13. mc_muench

    Ford Granada rims

    I found some 14" cragers on CL and had a question, the ad says they're from a 1977 Ford Granada and 5 x 110mm? and I know that ranger rims are 5 x 114mm so I checked the tire fitment guide in the tech and it says they should fit, so maybe they guy selling just wrote it wrong, but there's an *...
  14. mc_muench

    1 ? for a high 5

    can anyone tell me what these rims are from? and if they will fit my ranger? http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/1651979248.html Thanks
  15. mc_muench

    Blazin challenge!!!!

    I just did the Blazin Challenge, eating 12 blazin wings in 6mins, at Buffulo Wild Wings in 2mins 27secs:yahoo: :headbang:...UNOFFICIALLY:bawling: :annoyed: Because of some legal liability crap with me having to be 18 and my mom having to sign something, I did it unofficially with my friends...
  16. mc_muench

    It's offical

    I'm starting to research and troll around on the the web here, for a "new" sweet ride its a ford...(obviously it'd be a ford) It's a Pinto!!!! They're just plain cool...:headbang: And my dad agree's...double:headbang:
  17. mc_muench


    Just wondering if anyone owns anything mazdaspeed? Whether it be the 3, 6, MX5, or Protegé. Everthing they've made has been a dream car of mine, especially the new 3:drool:torque steer FTW!!!!
  18. mc_muench

    Project RedBull

    I hereby dub this project, Project RedBull...on a count of my truck being known as the "RedBull Ranger" http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52058 THE VECHILE: 1992 Ford Ranger XLT Ext. cab 3.0 V6 5spd ~200,000 miles My truck when I first bought it; the fugly cap, flag mirrors...
  19. mc_muench

    How much should I offer?

    I found this guy on CL who has a b2 with a gauge cluster with a tach, he wants 50 bucks!!!!!, I think this is ridiculous, I could go to a jy and may or may not find a ranger or b2 with a tach for like 20 bucks, but its winter and I dont wanna go to a jy with a couple feet of snow... I figure...
  20. mc_muench

    WHAT!?! could it be stolen?

    I found this on craigslist... http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/1522216297.html its like its brand new, came right off the showroom floor...but the guy says its impossible to get a title, I dont know much about titles, but how could it be impossible? is it stolen? can't you get a new title...

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