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  1. Terry

    External fuel pump pressure, running bad

    I have an 1987 ranger that I pretty much built. It has dual tanks. It started running like it was loaded up or starving for fuel. I checked the codes and got a 95. I cleaned up the grounds like has been suggested. I also tested the fuel pressure. It is running on the low side 29 psi. I changed...
  2. Terry

    Q Logic Q Forms 6.5" Kick Panel Speaker Enclosures for Ford / Mazda / Bronco II / Ranger / B-Series

    Has anybody used the kick panel enclosures? I am looking to mount speakers in a standard cab 1987 ranger with a stick.
  3. Terry

    A/C non A/C fan clutch

    I have a 1987 4 x 4 ranger with a 2.9. I am going to replace the fan clutch. I am seeing on the parts houses that there is a fan clutch for a a/c or a non a/c motor. My truck has never had a/c in it. I am not sure if the fan is the fan that came on the motor. I had a donor truck that was an 86 2...
  4. Terry

    Aftermarket cooling fan "non electric"

    I am thinking that my cooling fan clutch is going out. I want to replace it with a aftermarket fan with the hope that it will use less hp, work better and look better. I looked around and did not find anything on this issue. My current fan is screwed on and the pump has 4 bolt holes to hold on...
  5. Terry

    Bolts for radius and axle pivot brackets

    I bought radius arm and axle pivot drop brackets. The directions say I need to check the bolts that replaced the factory rivets to make sure they don't come loose. Has anybody used any special bolts to keep them from coming loose? Sounds kind of lame that you have to keep an eye on the bolts...
  6. Terry

    Leveling springs, adjusters with camber and tires plus

    Long story short. I completely rebuilt the front end of my 87 4 x 4 ranger. Like most other people, I don't have the tools and a level driveway to do the alignment. I took my truck to tires plus for the alignment. I told the person at the counter that I just finished rebuilding the front end. I...
  7. Terry

    Coil spring spacer??

    I am almost done rebuilding my front suspension on my 4 x 4 ranger. I bought some leveling coil springs. I don't see a spacer like I see in the exploded view of my front end. Do I need these spacers?
  8. Terry

    full set of mitchell books

    A guy in the area where I live is selling a full st of mitchell books 1981 to 2002. 75 books for 200 dollars. Other than some of the books I want I am not sure to do with all the other books. Any ideas???
  9. Terry

    Double gasket valve cover?

    Anybody tried double gaskets on your valve covers? I have tried multiple sets of covers as well as permatex. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  10. Terry

    Bent inner axle shaft d28

    Well I found out how to not remove the old u joints on my front axles. I cut the clips off my drivers side front axle u joint. I tried to use a ball joint press. I used a 30 mm socket and a small socket to push it apart. I bent the crap out of the ear for the u joint on front inner shaft...
  11. Terry

    rental ball joint press 4 x 4 gen 1 info

    I am in the process of a complete rebuild of my 4 x 4 87 ranger front end. I have watched youtube videos, searched around on this site, searched other sites, as well read my repair manual. Other than the home made ball joint press and the suggestion of buying a harbor freight press that will...
  12. Terry

    Pulling spindles 87 ranger 4 x 4

    I have looked at videos on you tube on how to remove spindles. The guy in the videos seems like a tweeker and beats the shit out of the spindle. I know that it takes a bfh and I also have an air chisel. The videos I am looking at do not have the "dust ring" covering the spindle. Any good ideas...
  13. Terry

    Nut/Bolt size for axle pivot and radius arms.

    I am rebuilding my front end on my ranger. Looking for what size the bolts are for the radius arms and axle pivots.
  14. Terry

    Disconnect or remove sway bar

    I am rebuilding the front end on my truck. I know I can get more flex without the sway bar installed . I am also using the truck for DD. Has anybody removed the sway bar and drove on the street? Has anybody made or installed a disconnect?? I am looking at making my own. My truck is 4 x 4
  15. Terry

    front end rebuild, MOOG??

    I am in the process of rebuild my 1987 4 x 4 ranger. I have installed leveling springs and after looking at the tie rod ends I have decided that it is time for a front end rebuild. I would like to buy a rebuilding kit "ball joints and tie rods". Any other brands other than moog that are not...
  16. Terry

    new coil springs, when to align it

    I put some leveling coils on my truck today. I put in the gray rough country 1 1/2 coils. How long do they take to settle so I can align the front end?
  17. Terry

    engine block plate

    I have a 1987 ranger that is a 2.9 with a fm145 trans. The block plate or starter shim plate that goes between the motor and trans is shot. It is causing me major problems with my starter. I have looked all over to find another one. The dealer does not carry it anymore. I have looked at junk...
  18. Terry

    Spacer plate between engine and transmission

    I am in dire need of the spacer plate that goes between the engine and the bell housing. My engine is a 2.9 and my trans is a fm145. My plate is screwed up at where the starter mounts. I have tried liquid metal and home made shims to rebuild the surface where the starter sits but I can't keep...
  19. Terry

    Photobucket SUCKS!!!! Wiring diagram needed

    I had some really cool color layouts of my gauge cluster wiring. I have a 87 ranger that did not have a tach from the factory. I had a cluster that I modified and added a factory tach cluster on another truck. Now because of friggen photobucket they are now junk!!!:pissedoff: The wiring diagrams...
  20. Terry

    Tach shaft or needle

    I am working on my dash setup. I a gen 1 truck. I grabbed a tach needle last time I was at the junk yard. The old needle broke into pieces. I went to put the needle I bought on my tach and found out that the needle hole is bigger that the shaft on the tach. Anybody have this issue? I need to...

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